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Abraham Benavides hit the jackpot when it comes to jobs, as one of the lucky 3,500 students at BU eligible for work-study.
Most students do not qualify for work-study, the federally funded program that pays them for on- or off-campus work, and must instead rely on their own ingenuity to find part-time jobs to help pay tuition and everyday expenses. The Student Employment Office and the Center for Career Development provide leads to students searching for part-time work. The Student Employment Office, on the second floor of 881 Comm Ave, posts part-time jobs, or Job Board Listings, on the Student Link throughout the school year.

Once registered with the office, students can also apply for Quickie Jobs, one-time or short-term jobs posted in the office or on the Student Link. At the other end of campus, the Center for Career Development, on the third floor of 19 Deerfield St., aids students with their job hunt in a variety of ways. Prepared, informed, and entrepreneurial students are the most successful at landing a job, says center director Kimberly DelGizzo.
Beyond campus services, students have found jobs by searching Craigslist, by networking, and by scanning the classified section of local newspapers. Lindsay Bradbery (CFA’12) found her part-time waitressing jobs the old-fashioned way: walking down the street, popping into restaurants, and speaking to people working there.
All full- and part-time students have access to the listing, which provides job descriptions and employer contact information for jobs from administrative and computer support to child care and retail positions.

In the past, he’s had to scramble for odd jobs to pay bills, once allowing researchers to test his visual memory at the VA Boston Healthcare System in Jamaica Plain. The office also sponsors workshops and manages BU CareerLink, an online posting available to alumni and all students searching for volunteer opportunities, as well as paid and unpaid jobs and internships.

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