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Teachers feel safer in most private schools because private schools can enforce their discipline codes with impunity.
In private school, teachers often feel they have more impact on the curriculum than they would in a public school setting.
The career path to a private school job differs from the public school sector in several ways. CalWest Educators Placement specializes in placement of private school teachers and administrators on the west coast.
The Education Group is another placement firm that focuses on placing teachers and administration into private school settings. This A-Z list is designed to make you aware of the many things involved in choosing the right school for your child.
BASICSHere you'll find valuable information on finding jobs within the private school sector.

We'll look at the advantages to working in private schools, different types of jobs in private schools, teaching in a private school versus in a public school, benefits to working at a private school, preparing for work in a private school, and finding employment in private schools.
Public school teachers must focus on preparing their students to do well on state mandated testing as opposed to really teaching them.
In addition most private schools have a much smaller student population than public schools. This is because most public schools (charter schools being an exception) must follow a state set curriculum from which they cannot deviate. Many private schools offer intern programs so that they can train the fledgling teacher according to the school's teaching practices. Most schools are very particular about the kinds of teaching style and qualifications they are looking for. Parents or teachers, often both, decided that they could produce a better educational result by creating a school where they controlled the way the school was run and who attended.

Facilities and equipment is generally state of the art in private schools as they have more funding options. Degrees in a subject area are preferred over an education degree particularly at the high school level.
The US Department of Education keeps an updated list of state requirements for private schools. The terms of their being at the school are very clearly spelled out in that contract signed by parents and the school.
You should also check with private schools that you are interested in to find out what certifications they require.

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