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Take a look at the latest New York City population, employment, real estate insights and more, all in one place!
New York City draws more tourists than almost any other city in the country and, in 2010, many other tourism related indicators showed gains.
New York City Economic Development Corporation fuels the City's economy by strengthening its businesses, creating jobs, and helping neighborhoods thrive. For more than a century, this Brooklyn neighborhood is where New Yorkers have come to play.

From 2001 to 2007, median housing values in the City appreciated 91.6% to $562,300, more than the 30% increase for the nation. Because of the small sizes of annual samples in New York City, these data are 3-year averages.
Then the labor force participation rate and the employment–population ratio are examined to see if they shed light on the inertia in the unemployment rate.
The two surveys have different concepts of employment, making it difficult to infer that increases in nonfarm payroll jobs will translate into proportional increases in the number of employed city residents.

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