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The development of a “white” email list is one of the most important marketing tools an experienced company can have in their marketing arsenal. Email Marketing is a great tool to use in order to foster relationships with current and potential clients. Email Marketing works to generate brand awareness and drive traffic and sales for a company. Average Email Marketing Consultant salaries for job postings in San Diego, CA are 1% higher than average Email Marketing Consultant salaries for job postings nationwide.

You could be startled to find out that e-mail advertising and marketing is still one of the most efficient advertising and marketing tools out there. The businesses that know the true value of opt-in information are getting far more in return from their overall marketing efforts than those who do not. It is also commonly used to communicate promotions, sales and events, and news to a company’s email list. Developing and managing a proper email marketing campaign always starts with niche market research and ends with testing and tweaking.

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