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Defense contractors who enlist the help of their employees in company social media efforts can quickly increase awareness, preference and business opportunities. But deep within the recesses of some peoples’ subconscious is a belief that social media is a fad that will fade in importance. Despite the sometimes sensitive and confidential nature of their products and services, many defense contractors are stepping up their social media efforts. One concern that defense contractors have about social media is ensuring that no sensitive information is shared about their products, services or customers.
However, most employees of defense contractors are already using social media in their private lives. So rather than try to fight the surging tide of social media, some defense contractors are enlisting their employees to be ambassadors for their companies.
The best thing a defense contractor can do to help protect their company and employees while taking advantage of social media is to institute an employee social media policy. A free online social media policy tool generator, PolicyTool, can generate a customized social media policy in minutes.

The policy it generates is over 1,200 words and covers topics like confidentiality, dealing with controversies, copyright laws and more. To give you an idea of what one of these policies looks like, I generated a report for my company by completing the twelve questions. Once you have generated a first draft of a social media policy you can then make refinements. For additional inspiration on developing a social media policy, the best examples for defense contractors come from their customers in the military. In an effort to take advantage of social media for a variety of communication purposes (e.g. The latest social media guides from the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are included below.
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I use SocialOomph to help manage social media accounts for this blog, my company and clients.

In fact, many rulers and church leaders were threatened by how the printing press could be used to challenge their authority and the status quo. That is why some defense contractors have limited their social media efforts and not reaped the benefits outlined above. Doing so can exponentially extend the reach of their companies and help to put an approachable, human face on their firms.
By answering just twelve specific questions, the tool instantly creates a social media policy for a company. You will have a great starting point and don’t need to create a policy from whole cloth.

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