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By opening up their API, Edmodo will allow third party developers to create apps for the site that can be used in ways very similar to those users see on Facebook, except of course, the apps on Edmodo will all be aimed specifically at helping teachers teach, and students learn.
With a nationwide shortage of science teachers and plummeting student test scores, many school districts are forced to hire teachers with science degrees but little training in education or experience teaching.
Having consistently good teachers in elementary school appears to be as important for student achievement as small class sizes, according to new research by a Michigan State University education scholar.

Edmodo is a Facebook-like site that is restricted to teachers, parents, students and school districts and is used primarily as an online tool between teachers and their students.
To make sure that happens, Edmodo has created a sister site called the Teacher-Developer Exchange that provides a mechanism for teachers and developers to communicate with one another directly.
To use the site, teachers create an account for themselves that includes a profile and a means for adding all of the students in a class.

The whole point is to facilitate a process outside of the normal learning environment of the classroom to allow both teachers and their students a secondary avenue for reaching goals in the educational process.

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