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Average Interpreter Education salaries for job postings in Tulsa, OK are 11% lower than average Interpreter Education salaries for job postings nationwide. In multiple surveys, businesses in Oklahoma and nationally rank the presence of a skilled workforce as more important than state and local tax rates when considering where to create new jobs. A study by Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier (2009) found that dollar for dollar, government spending on education created the most jobs.

Per student funding is down even more for Oklahoma higher education (-26.2% after inflation).
The education funding reductions Oklahoma has made in recent years hamper economic recovery, as fewer teaching jobs mean less business for local stores and services.
Instead of digging a deeper hole by cutting taxes, Oklahoma should step up investment in its education system, the state’s most important economic asset.

Education spending created almost twice as many jobs as would be expected from tax cuts of equal value and also resulted in better paying jobs.

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