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As a freelance writer, one of the best ways to make money from home is to find online proof reading and editing jobs.
Listed below are some great sites and services that can help you find and land online proof reading and editing jobs. FlexJobs - FlexJobs is a website specifically oriented to helping people find 21st century jobs that are less traditional. Upwork - Upwork is a great site with a wide listing of freelance projects, often including editing and proof reading jobs. Today I would like to say a few words about a company, which is currently hiring proofreaders and writers, who are interested in editing opps.

All applicants need at least three years of data entry or editing experience (or language teaching), a university degree in the field they are interested in working in, appropriate software to edit selected files and an account with PayPal. About The Proofreaders – This American online proofreading company began as the result of a father-daughter team of tireless editors.
The need for accurate editing and proofreading services in all aspects of printed material became apparent; The Proofreaders quickly rose to the top as a valuable resource for creative groups, graphic design companies, publishers, students, New York professionals, lawyers, corporations, and anyone who values the importance of a second set of eyes. Whether creating, editing, or proofreading, Ben believes in a meticulous, word-by-word approach that strips ambiguity to make the words on the page as concise and impactful as possible without sacrificing the spirit of the content.
Their writing, editing, and translation section is rich with positions in the proof reading and editing field.

With fair pricing and fast turnaround time, The Proofreaders offers serious editing and proofreading services for the discriminating consumer. These team members are available for proofreading, editing, side-by-side comparisons, and very large jobs. If flexibility and freedom sound appealing to you, this article will help you research and find online proof reading and editing jobs.

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