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Last year, the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment which also has two Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) in the UAE, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, set a minimum salary for OFWs in UAE at USD400 a month.
Also would like to know the salary levels of the professional jobs commonly held by Filipinos. Not sure about the minimum salary but this is the going salaries in Dubai and UAE from 2006 and 2010.
There is a range of Dubai jobs much the same as in any city but a larger range of incomes than many expats are familiar with for several reasons. Professionals such as architects, lawyers, accountants, pilots, teachers, are represented by all nationalities but the more reputable companies and higher level jobs usually require western trained personnel. Project Managers or Directors were able to command ever increasing salaries during 2006-2008 and the building boom boomed, but going into 2009 the demand supply equation reversed. Senior management tend to be western or UAE nationals and these jobs are well-paid but are usually demanding (it's the board of directors and executives that play golf, not the foremen and managers).

Apart from teachers and maids, there is no minimum salary so market forces determine a fair (or unfair wage).
Upgrade to a PA (Personal Assistant) for the boss of a large company and salary becomes more attractive, especially if you're fluent in English and Arabic. At the end of 2008 and into 2009 as the Dubai property market crashed and burned, they're probably the same ones we saw in a report of ex-property brokers offering private taxi services to scrape by. As the UAE, and Dubai in particular, has a mixture of nationalities, market rates tend to be governed by what is enough to lure foreign nationals away from their home country, not what is a fair wage relative to what others are earning for the same work in the UAE. Some sectors, for example aircrew, have all nationalities represented, and working conditions and salaries are much better. English curriculum and other western oriented private schools have salaries of 5,000-15,000 dhs per month and a handful of the better ones pay up to 20,000 dhs per month.
Depending on where you come from, and how long you stay in your Dubai job, you may have to pay tax in your home country.

Salary sometimes varies in the same school depending on the nationality of the teacher (passport rather than DNA is the main factor although where the teaching qualification came from can make a difference - western ones being worth more).
That comment isn't intended to dismiss the very real difficulties facing the working class in the UAE but there are other issues that are more important than the actual salary level - the non-payment of wages for months at a time, the extortionate fees charged in their home country to bring them to the UAE, the difficult living conditions in some of the camps, the harsh and unsafe working conditions on some of the construction sites. By the way, what's salary expectation for a Project management Professional certified person, I've heard from Firebrand Training that PMP training is essential for anyone planning to work in a project handling profession.

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