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Doormen, porters, handymen and superintendents had threatened to walk off the job in a move that would have affected more than 3,200 buildings across the city. The union 32BJ, which represents roughly 30,000 doormen, janitors, building superintendents and porters settled on a four-year contract with the owners of more than 3,200 apartment buildings. The doorman strike, which would have begun on Wednesday morning, was averted just after midnight on Tuesday.
Mahoney feared that if the settlement was not reached, the doormen would strike, losing money and even, perhaps, their jobs. The New York Times reports on a growing service, Cyber Doorman, that is being implemented in buildings across Manhattan.
The short commute to Manhattan, the numerous new waterfront parks, the stunning views of Manhattan, and the lower costs of ownership and rental are fueling the demand for Long Island City. A recent report shows a narrowing gap over the last two years between what people pay to live in a doorman building compared to a non doormen building.

Many New Yorkers looking for a real-estate deal may reflexively scratch Manhattan off their list. What it comes down to is that few apartments outside of Manhattan get de-stabilized, and fewer and fewer apartments in Manhattan remain stabilized. The Manhattan residential rental market rebounded last year, and at a faster clip than many had anticipated, according to a new report. Bargains are drying up for Manhattan apartment renters - reflective of a broader trend in the other four boroughs as well. Small increase in October comes as most other signs point to an improving market; average rent for a studio in Manhattan hits $1,837, up 6% from last year.
The downtown Manhattan residential rental market is proving to be one of the strongest in the entire city. MANHATTAN apartment rentals more than doubled in the second quarter from a year earlier as the city\'s job market improved and tenants gained confidence.

Apartment leasing activity skyrocketed in Manhattan during the second quarter but the burst of new transactions failed to push rents higher. Manhattan’s vacancy rate fell again in May, dipping below 1% for the first time in nearly three years, leaving little supply available during the peak leasing season. The number of apartments for rent in Manhattan has also dropped to a vacancy rate of only 0.72% for the quarter, the lowest vacancy rate since at least 2002.

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