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Average Director Digital Media salaries for job postings in North Carolina are 5% lower than average Director Digital Media salaries for job postings nationwide. Criticism over how the University of Missouri handled a series of racist incidents on campus this fall has claimed the jobs of two top officials: President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R.
For example, secretaries and administrative assistants are already being complemented or replaced by simple office organization software, and Walmart and Amazon pose a mortal threat to many classic retail jobs, even before you account for Kiva robots patrolling warehouse floors around the country.To be fair, this is an article about the future, which, as a rule, is unknowable.

Second, the abiding distrust of the media on the right ensured they would be met with a degree of skepticism by Republican voters.
Ten years ago, the BLS whiffed on its ten-year projections by 13 million jobs, since it failed to predict the mining boom, the publishing apocalypse, and the Great Recession.
Well, that's another article altogether.___________* The eMarketer data counts all time spent with the media, including multitasking.

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