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Average Career Technical Education Digital Media Teacher salaries for job postings in Chicago, IL are 20% higher than average Career Technical Education Digital Media Teacher salaries for job postings nationwide. If you want kickstart your career by learning one of today's most sought-after digital skills, you should start learning iOS 9 and Swift development now.
As you can imagine, this means that iOS 9 app development is one of the most highly sought after skills in the digital economy. If you want to build a new career in iOS 9 development, you will want to dedicate at least 2-3 months to learning the foundation for becoming iOS 9 developer. Most importantly, at the end of this program you will have an excellent digital portfolio to show what you can build with your new coding skills, which will be necessary to land an entry-level iOS developer job or internship. I created DIY Genius to help people develop digital skills and the entrepreneurial mindset to navigate the turbulence and opportunity of the 21st century.
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TweetSocial media is becoming more important every day as a great way for a company to market itself, its products and communicate with its customers. There are a lot of companies run by the baby boomer generation that are slow to adapt and still need to learn about social media sites and what they do. Beyond the general sites, it’s important to discuss social media in the office and classroom to address niche sites that fit the needs of your organization or field. These schools offer social media classes in the Business, English, Psychology and Communications fields. Social media knowledge is important to every field and more companies than ever will be seeking out new social media hires in the next few years. In fact, according online job search engine Indeed, iOS development is currently the third requested skill in job ads (I have also created guides for learning the other top digital skills such as HTML5, Android Development and Social Media). Young and old generations alike could improve their business skills significantly if they learned the basics of social media and how to use it for development. According to the trends, more social media classes will be showing up in college curriculum in the next few years.

These hires aren’t solely for Digital Communications and Social Media Manager positions, integrating social media into any position has been a merited across the board. To encourage this growth, colleges should be integrating social media into their course curriculum and companies need to mandate workshops about the social media industry for their current employees.
If they learn to use social media correctly, it could be used to their advantage in furthering their careers and opportunities.
According to a career builder surveys, 35% of employers have admitted they disqualified candidates due to what was found on their social media sites.

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