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Pakistan’s first digital online entertainment channel, primarily focusing on the entertainment and showbiz industry of Pakistan was introduced in the year 2012.
Highlighting the entirely unique and captivating regional music of Pakistan, a Regional Radio was introduced for Zong which enabled the subscribers to connect with their favorite music in a rather personal manner.
In order to introduce Nestle’s Crunch to the Pakistani market, an utterly interactive social media campaign was initiated which was heavily dependent upon the element of fun and excitement! Highlighting the rich rural music culture of Pakistan, Jazz introduced a social music property, with over 17500 songs, to pay tribute to the great regional musicians of Pakistan.

Expand the horizons of your business and effectively manage your target consumers by incorporating the phenomenon of Digital Media into your marketing. Being the pioneer in the content and digital industry, Converge provides a wide array of services to its renowned base of clientele. We are a social media agency that provides social media, management services for start-ups to big brands, help them communicate, listen, engage and interact with their clients more effectively. For the past few years Converge has been responsible for the digital voting drive for the event that has been a major success.

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