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In terms, digital marketing is a discipline used to promote brands and products through one or more forms of electronic media. To create or run a successful digital marketing agency, there are definite skills one must have in place. Marketers running their own digital marketing agency should be up-to-date on the latest regulations and regulations that govern the realm of digital media. We got in touch with Mark Scully, an inbound marketing specialist and co-founder of Learn Inbound, as we always get questions from people about digital marketing tips. Whether you’re completely new to the industry or a digital marketing veteran, the importance of building your personal brand can’t be understated.
Here are 4 simple tips to help get you started on the path to super digital marketing stardom.

Before you get to work on building your social presence, ask yourself what you hope to achieve in your digital career.
You can still become a digital marketing superstar without the pressures of speaking in front of an audience at public speaking events. Marketing and communication degrees are great to have, but digital marketing experience is invaluable. Its a good idea to look at succesful companys in the field, who will in fact be your competitors, have a look at EMS Marketing and also there facebook page - EMS Marketing to see how there have stuctured there companys. Some of the brightest and more respected digital marketers have built a reputation for themselves through the thought-leadership content they produce: blogs, white papers, articles or social updates. Come along to hang out with some of the smartest minds in the Irish Inbound Marketing industry!

Digital marketing employs the use of methods and channels that enables digital marketing businesses to analyze campaigns and create strategies in real-time. Leading figures in the digital marketing industry have spent countless hours over the years working on their online reputation. And for that reason, it’s important to portray yourself in a positive light through your social media presence if you ever want to become a digital marketing superstar.

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