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We are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels.
As digital marketing and social media investments become a larger percentage of dealer operating budgets, some operators are considering hiring an internal Digital Marketing Manager (DMM).
For many Digital Marketing Managers they are the only person in the organization that understands the complexity of their job responsibilities. Everydealer who doesn't have a Digital Marketing Manager in charge of all their marketing and CRM, should watch Moneyball. I'm not sure how a Sales Manager, GM, GSM or Internet Manager could possibly ever have the time to manage all of the vendors and game-changers that exist in the world of marketing and advertising.
This year is quickly coming to a close, which means it’s time to start planning your end-of-the-year marketing.
In countries outside the US, the role of Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) would be something of a novelty today; limited only to very large dealer groups. As I have been traveling this year in the EU, it is clear that OEMs and franchise dealers have some catching up to do with the US, in regards to the sophistication and detailed execution of their digital strategy. It is my belief that the EU can learn from the US by looking at the many digital marketing vendors and strategies that are currently deployed to sell cars in the US. The average US franchise dealer is leveraging multiple marketing channels and marketing vendors to accomplish their sales objectives.
Don’t forget that the DMM has the Sales Manager yelling for more leads and the Dealer Principal asking to prove the ROI of their marketing budget! Each franchise dealer in the US will have a unique set of vendor partners and marketing technology.
So, the Digital Marketing Manager of this store, and the General Manager, have 27 different reports to review that he beginning of each month.
Digital Marketing Managers who are responsible for 10 stores have 270 reports to review each month! Today dealers in the United States need a person who is looking over their digital investments.

This saves HOURS of time each month, which can be put to work on making better marketing decisions. The auto industry and auto manufacturers must more clearly define and encourage the development of a Digital Marketing Manager role in the franchise model. A new curriculum must be created to master the digital KPIs that our industry needs to understand.
Lastly, the franchise dealers need tools to collect and analyze vendor data so that they can execute better marketing strategies.
The world of digital marketing is a new and somewhat confusing place to be, whether you are just starting out with your digital marketing journey or you are a seasoned marketer just trying to keep up and refresh your skills with new CAM qualifications. Facebook is one of the few social media sites that attracts all age groups, walks of life, countries, etc, and its advantageous features such as interest pages and groups, detailed user bios, and PPC targeted advertising make it the ideal marketing tool for both market research and advertising.
Analytics tools offer you the ability to analyse your marketing efforts, and Google Analytics is one of the best free ones there is. A Digital Marketing Manager manages the digital (or online) elements of the marketing mix, integrates with offline (print, PR etc), also gets involved in strategic side of things like setting KPIs.
The auto industry needs a cultural shift, with a bias toward digital education, that has to start with the OEMs and filter through the franchise network. The US franchise network went through these digital growing pains, but now we have a new challenge to tackle; data overload. Listed below are the marketing vendors and technology platforms that a successful PCG client leverages each month. Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads as you are reaching a targeted audience directly. A digital marketing manager works with other departments (sales, customer services, etc) to ensure the implementation of the marketing plan is coordinated, aligned, consistent and meets business objectives. When I was the Digital Marketing Manager for a New England auto group, I was in charge of all online based items including all marketing, reputation, customer service, process, lead management and accountability for 2 Nissan stores, a Toyota store and a Jaguar store.
My guess is none, the reason why you started an agency is because you saw how much dealers pay these companies monthly to manage their SEM accounts.

This week is all about Thanksgiving marketing and how to demonstrate your thanks; here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
The following is a guide to some of the most useful online tools the internet has to offer to digital marketing managers, and in what areas they can benefit you the most.
For a B2B or B2C digital marketing manager, it is the best way to promote the content of your blog, post relevant news within your industry and create brand awareness. The reason MailChimp is one of the best tools is because it accommodates your every need, whether you have never created an email marketing campaign or newsletter in your life, or have and just want to better manage them in future. Sales enablement: Work with BDC + Sales manager to develop email templates, drip programs, and provide sales with the tools they need to move leads down the funnel.
There is just no way someone could manage multiple salespeople or departments and manage all of the advertising plus the digital. The majority of dealers have their social media managers in some back office on facebook all day. Guess what you know who my social media managers are my receptionist they are on the front lines interacting with customers on the sales floor social media is about what's going on now.
ROI Driven Reporting: Put systems in place to monitor performance, show how digital affects bottom line, alignment with monthly sales goals and objectives. Now, while that was a tremendous win, the path to make that happen was a horrible and constant war with personnel who didn't understand (or want to) digital marketing.
The answer is for GM's, GSM's, Sales Managers, Service Managers, and Parts Managers - ANYONE who has ANY say in marketing spend to be required to learn at least enough to hold vendors accountable.Dealer's have more than enough 6 figure salaries walking around to get the job done - they don't need another! If they can learn to spot a paint job on a used car trade in in bright summer sun when the customer says "no its never been in an accident," they can learn to spot a digital snake oil salesmen.
If they can learn to read a financial statement, understand pump-in, pump-out, zip code analysis, reg data, trends in seasonality and its effect on auction prices, they can learn to look at a vendors digital analysis and know if its a load of BS or valuable reporting that can guide intelligent marketing decisions.Enough is enough.

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