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While the knowledge arena that digital marketers find themselves inhabiting is vastly different than it was five years ago, getting things done remains a team effort and increasingly the role of the digital marketing manager is to not only to interpret, analyse and act on trends and business objectives, but also to translate these trends and persuade team members toward a united vision. The ability to see and communicate a vision has long been recognised as a hallmark quality of a leading marketing manager. Most marketing requires a spend, and most people who hold the purse strings in a company need to be persuaded before a purchase can be made.
The role of the managers and leaders has always been to think strategically so that tactical operations are in line with business objectives.
But first let’s take a closer look at what are some of the challenges facing digital marketing executives and professionals and the skills they need to master and understand. Mobile marketing has gone from an afterthought to a must do, as people use their phones to interact with brands and publishers in the aftermath of mass media dominance.
It makes many digital marketers eyes glaze over, break into a sweat and start shaking and weeping uncontrollably.
What social media promised when it started to be used, as a marketing tool was free global earned reach.
These include digital marketing, email marketing and specialist social media marketing platforms that allow you to scale your marketing efforts. It is complex and you need to understand the various social networks and social media marketing tools that allow you to leverage your efforts including automation. Content marketing’s benefits when done well are increased engagement, improved SEO and leads and sales.
Join me at the ONE: Teradata Marketing Festival to help you discover and learn the skills to continue to develop into the best digital marketing professional that you want to be.

I wouldn’t argue with those first 8 but personally feel that the last 2 are subsets of getting to grips with becoming a good content marketer rather than completely stand alone skills.
Yes you are right and most of the time when you say that you are a digital marketer then people assume you to be a person who waste time lurking on FB, twitter and the other social media channels. I totally agree in fact I would go further than that and say the skill of setting up automated conversion funnels. Yet in practice these advances in technology have in fact drummed home the need for traditional marketing and leadership skills louder than ever before, writes Eoin Mulvihill MPRII. The digital marketing manager now not only has to deal with a rapidly changing technological environment but also with turbulent economic conditions and changing ways in which consumers behave both online and offline. He's passionate about marketing, business development , leadership and getting results for clients. It’s about knowing about how each of the social and digital channels operate and interact with each other and the synergies that creates.
As we move into the need to pay to have our content seen, especially for Facebook, a digital marketing manager who greatly understands how to do this will not only grow our reach for our content but save us a lot of money in the long run.
Many people think that marketing online is lame but after reading this one, I doubt they’ll change their minds. Statistics, analytics reports and case studies all help to encourage other members of the board to see the value in a digital venture – yet real persuasiveness is a skill that is honed over time.
Ever since the discipline of business management was formed there were people in the board room who had to fight their corner. Just like being a great chef has nothing to do with the size of your ingredient press, creativity has got nothing to do your depth of digital knowledge.

The analytical scientist is invading the art of marketing, with access to technology tools and platforms.
This is why people with a background in sales and an education in marketing often do well in marketing roles – they not only understand their field but they can persuade others also. You could have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things digital but if you fail to use your imagination to get the mix right then that knowledge is about as useful as a glass hammer. Listening not only allows you to get great ideas, it also inspires team members as they feel their ideas are truly being valued and integrated into the marketing mix.
I genuinely believe this skill is only going to become more in demand as technology advances. Today, perhaps digital marketing managers are the ones who have to make that little bit more noise to be heard.
An experienced digital marketing manager will raise questions and problems from the data they interpret.
Learning and practicing key, basic organisation skills is fundamental to successful marketing management as it is all about the flow of information. Relying on your digital knowledge alone will limit your impact immeasurably, so failure to persuade will often mean failure to succeed.
Of course, the real magic happens when you begin to apple creativity to all facets of your role as a digital marketing manager – for example providing creative solutions to getting team members involved in content creation or using social platforms to crowd-source ideas from customers.

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