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Over the past few months my team at OST has teamed up with Constant Contact to produce a research report into how UK marketing consultants and small agencies promote themselves. One of the headline findings is that the top four marketing activities that consultants engage in are: content marketing, social media, SEO and email marketing. While content marketing, social media, email and SEO generally wiped the board in terms of prioritisation among consultants, we tried to dig a bit deeper about what each activity is best for. In financial terms the report left us in no doubt that marketing consultants are thrifty customers. Towards the end of the research survey we asked what regular sources consultants rely on for marketing information. In our experience, we have found one thing- clients were looking for solutions to specific problems directly related to their digital marketing and online communications efforts. We have learned, executed, achieved great milestones, and helped many businesses to lay out a strong digital marketing strategy.

Deep understanding of web technologies and thus can suggest indepth online marketing strategies. Our digital marketing expertise includes making strategic reviews and recommendations to improves the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. The UK Marketing Consultants: Digital Marketing Report offers a fascinating insight into the marketing activities that experienced, but often time-poor and budget conscious marketing consultants, prioritise.
This gives a hint (echoed throughout the report) that consultants prefer to use their own knowledge and time than spend their hard-earned cash on marketing. For example, email marketing came out on top for lead generation while social media was used most frequently for increasing awareness of a product of services. The social media finding is less contentious, though separating out the results of content marketing from social media (and to some extent SEO) may be quite difficult in practice. One of the reasons clients keep coming to us for consulting is our expertise in the digital marketing domain.

Our expert consultants would advise you on specific marketing channels like email or social media marketing etc.
Conceived in 2007, the Outshine Group provides marketing and software development services to successful businesses in sectors ranging from IT, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retails, financial services, real estate and social wellness. The top sources of daily and weekly information for UK marketing consultants are Twitter and LinkedIn.
Our digital marketing consulting services range from detailed strategy assessments all the way to comprehensive digital research efforts that will allow your business to shine.
For marketing consultants, at least, the heady days of on-going, localised, PPC advertising appear to be well and truly over.

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