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The latest research from Michael Page and EMR Recruitment shares trends in recruitment salary and skills trends in the world of digital. Some of the marketing respondents who were surveyed said that they are focused on trying to keep their digital skills up-to-date through on the job training and self-learning. Over the past year, EMR's report shows that marketing professionals are now more satisfied with their salaries and bonuses - are these respondents just working for fantastic employers, or is it true across the UK!.

Encouragingly, for those looking for work in digital, 80% of clients surveyed have experienced a shortfall in digital expertise in their marketing department. This will naturally depend on the type of business and its size, but there are some common activities that need to be managed.
This could be a good thing as it could reflect growing demand for marketing services, but if it leads to workplace stress it may not be beneficial.

To help here, we have a Digital team structure template that can be used to compare digital roles and structures to your current situation to help plan and justify future changes.

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