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It is important to keep in mind that I created this to help you get a better idea of the different types of roles that are available. When looking for a job, there are other intricacies to think about including whether you want to work on the corporate or agency side, the size of the company, type of industry and type of market but I’ll cover these in a later blog post. Chally then evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of these top performers and compared them with the requirements for different sales positions to determine their likelihood of success in the other roles. I realized during my discussions with the students that most of them have only the broadest sense of what a marketing career is and those ideas are primarily based on portrayals in tv shows like Mad Men or movies like Big.

In fact, Chally conducted more than 300 validation studies which identified the types of characteristics, skills and traits needed for success in different types of sales roles, and that specifically distinguished them from poor performers in the same roles.
However, when they pluck these top performers from their jobs and reassign them to roles with markedly different requirements, they often fail.
Even before considering a career path, I think it’s important to understand the different types of positions that are available because there are a variety of specialties and job types to choose from.
For instance, your title could be Marketing Communications Manager(often abbreviated to MarCom) but in doing the job, you’ll have to employ strategy, research or product marketing knowledge to create a successful campaign.

While they may not all be as glamorous as Hollywood makes them out to be, I believe that there’s a marketing job for almost every personality type, and almost anyone can find a position to be passionate about.

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