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Though a bachelor of science degree is the standard engineering qualification, for certain positions some employers will require a master’s degree or, occasionally, a doctorate.
Aerospace engineering jobs are one of those few, high-paying positions that actually may require rocket science. Drill, baby, drill: Politicians may disagree on the sentiment, and fossil fuel prices may shift priorities, but producers are always looking for engineers to design and implement systems to extract oil and gas from the earth. Working on multidisciplinary teams, aerospace engineers design, develop and test spaceships, aircraft and missiles, exploiting knowledge that spans aerodynamics, avionics, propulsion and materials science.
Understanding the capabilities and limitations of engineering talent, these managers oversee many engineering projects and processes, from creating design specs to managing people and budgets, and measuring and evaluating results.

Process designers above all, these practical chemists figure out how to make more and better product out of less raw materials less expensively, employing everything from oxidation reactions to nanotechnology.
Join our Talent Network today and learn more about exciting engineering jobs available at ITW. Engineering managers typically have talent and experience in general business management and in the engineering disciplines practiced within their organizations. Engineers design, test and monitor the operations of nuclear plants, and drive the processes by which plants are decommissioned and their spent fuel transported and stored for thousands of years. An engineering manager might supervise half a dozen or more staff engineers; an engineering director might oversee hundreds or thousands.

Biomedical material promises to be one of the most fascinating and potentially lucrative engineering subspecialties of the future, starting now. One caveat: As one of the most controversial and regulated industries, nuclear power and the jobs it creates are subject to the shifting winds of politics and government policy.

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