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Early efforts in social media marketing have created a tremendous amount of buzz and interest, but surprisingly few case studies focus on monetization.
A recent study by Ketchum and Nielsen shows the number-one activity of social media users (online or offline) is reading blogs – even above TV!
So it’s clear that social media is here to stay, and accountable programs must be created to deliver performance and ROI. With the rise of social media, consumers are increasingly relying on user-generated content for purchase decisions. As I mentioned before, marketers need to understand that all customers are not created equal on the social web, and the number of fans and followers the brand has is not the critical data point. Ryan Deutsch is vice president of Emerging Media for StrongMail, a provider of online marketing solutions for email and social media. Thanks Michael, I am a big believer that Social Media Strategists need to push for program measurment.

A lot of my coaching clients are confused about Social Media and how to measure the results.
I think definitions of how to collect the specific stats would help businesses immeasurably. Thanks for your clear and thorough discussion of how to monitor the performance of social media marketing. For example, the impact of a consumer seeing a friend recommend a brand as a result of a social program is much greater than seeing a static ad from the brand.
We are currently developing a KPI standard for our social media consulting services that can be customized for each client, so many thanks for reinforcing our best ideas and suggesting some new ones! As I work in the realm of social media, there is always the question of measuring success of your social media campaign. It is time that we realize and have a clarity on Online Social Media accountability – with its positive points and limitations as well.

In order to leverage them properly, you need to determine the level of engagement between an influencer and the members of their social graph. It is good to see traditional direct marketing [CRM] being built into the Social Media Network. But when it comes to social media, I find that the incentives and rewards seem less natural. Their hope is that it will be widely adopted and serve to standardize social measurement to increase its business validity.

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