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Channel 2’s Justin Farmer and WSB Radio’s Scott Slade also moderated a question and answer session with social media experts in front of a live studio audience.Channel 2 is asking parents and kids to sign a pledge to have a conversation at least one hour a week.
Great post Mr Martell, once againg reminding us all in the auto world even remotely involved with Social Media on behalf of our employers how easy it can be to have a mole hill quickly grow into a mountain, if only common sense were just a bit more common! Tim, thank you for such a poignant reminder of why people need to acquire some basic PR skills if they are going to represent a dealership, or any company on the social web. Please use the "Sign Up" link above to complete your registration form and become a member of the industry's leading Automotive Marketing and Internet Sales Professional Community. ADMPC is a Network for Car Dealers, Automotive Marketing, Advertising and Management Pros sharing Digital Strategies and Execution Tactics. Social media gives unlimited access to vast amounts of medical information and can be used to generate awareness on a whole host of health issues.
Adults between the ages of 18 and 49 are the most likely to use social media for health care information, so online resources will only continue to grow. On the flipside, for those of us posting (I say “us” because I speak to myself first and foremost), pay attention to your intention.
I’m not saying we should completely do away with all social media (although, for some people it really may be a good idea), but we need to examine the reasons for indulging in it.
You need to stop "Lurking" on ADM and become a more genuine Automotive Professional by completing your membership registration. Additionally, social media is having a dramatic effect on the relationship healthcare providers have with their patients.

Consider pain in the lower back: A search on YouTube using the simple key words “treatment for back pain” provides over 18,900 videos offering countless remedies, exercises, treatments, testimonies, advice and advertisements. While the validity and value of medical information learned online should be confirmed by a medical professional, provider recommendations from friends through social media can be a solid way to find excellent healthcare. Consumers and health care providers need to be optimistically cautious of the new resource and consider a comprehensive treatment plan that includes research, peer advice and professional medical opinions. That’s why its crucial that you make sure you have the right people in charge of your social media marketing, because it can turn on you in a heartbeat.
The abundance of medical information available online is allowing patients to become more educated about their own health and many are now self-diagnosing and self-treating. Most of the information provided is safe and helpful for people with overuse or injury to the muscles, ligaments or joints.
In addition, social media allows consumers to be better advocates for their healthcare and empowers them to take responsibility for their health. Keep in mind that a dealership's response is not REALLY for the customer who posted the complaint, but is really intended to show the hundreds or thousands of prospective customers who see the post, that the dealership not only cares, but is responsive to customer concerns, wherever they are expressed.
It is a positive trend that individuals and families are taking more responsibility for their health and ultimately this cultural change has the potential to improve the overall health of the nation. However, the accessibility to endless resources does create the opportunity for injuries, inaccurate self-diagnosis, or dangerously delaying professional medical help. Medical advice offered by Facebook friends on back pain poses substantial risk if the person is suffering from a more serious ailment that demands expert medical evaluation and care if that advice delays true medical attention.

If there’s even an ounce of ill-intention, (to show-off, wanting to out-do someone else, make someone jealous, for others to perceive you in a certain way, in order to elicit a response that makes you feel good, “you’re sooo pretty!!!” etc.) then refrain from posting. The last thing any of us wants on the Day of Judgment is to be blamed for activating the diseases of jealousy and envy, hatred, suspicion, distrust, etc. Study the diseases of the heart and the cures for those diseases and work on ridding yourself of these ills.
We must be careful as jealousy can cause a person to indulge in disbelief because it causes the individual to feel that Allah (S) has not been fair with him; he forgets all the mercy and blessings which Allah (S) has bestowed upon him. They started to exchange messages, but now media and social outlets were being included in the dialogue by way of email Cc, Facebook posts and Twitter hashtags. The company’s Twitter and Facebook pages exploded with negative press to the point that they were forced to change their name. It has been about six months and people are still putting out the fires started by one man’s grotesque mishandling of PR and the resulting social media backlash.

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