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Even though employers must plunk down some cash in order to post an ad to find people, you do not need to pay Craigslist anything to respond to a job listing on the site.
These are two very active Craigslist sites, so rather than a company posting the same ad to numerous regional pages, they will often opt to post a single ad in one of these major metro areas. If an employer asks for sample articles on a specific topic to test your writing ability, refuse or at least make sure they are willing to pay for the work.
I’ve never used Craigslist to look for jobs, but I have posted a job on there before.
Many freelance writers have a love-hate relationship with CraigsList: they love using the free service to find legitimate work, and they hate using it when they inadvertently run into scams. Because CraigsList can't police all of the idiots in the world who use the service to scam others, you need to be cautious if a job ad sounds "too good to be true." Make sure you read CraigsList's warnings at the top of the webpage.

Most job posters choose to cloak their direct e-mail address with a custom CraigsList e-mail address for privacy reasons.
An ad for a real position will touch on what kind of writing the employer is looking for, pay scale, and level of experience. These writing gigs often include ghostwriting content for individuals and copywriting for ad agencies and businesses. Of course, freelance writers hate replying to a job ad with no verifiable contact information—which is why you need to caution yourself when you e-mail sensitive contact information to an anonymous job poster. Most likely, the CraigsList poster is receiving hundreds of free, well-written articles this way. Prior to freelancing, he worked in public relations, newspaper copy editing, and mail-order marketing.

While nobody has perfected the art of spotting frauds on Craigslist, there are ways to avoid them.
Valid employers usually ask for more general writing samples and will provide ample time for writers to send in their samples.

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