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Average Construction Manager salaries for job postings in Austin, TX are 6% lower than average Construction Manager salaries for job postings nationwide.
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Construction Managers are tasked with a large amount of responsibility and need to have a variety of skills under their belt. Becoming a construction manager is a relatively straightforward path, but the amount of education you have directly influences how much experience you’ll most likely need.

Since they oversee construction projects from early stages to completion, they need to be able to manage teams of people, communicate effectively with everyone involved, coordinate, and ensure that everything is within budget and meets regulations. High school graduates may become construction managers after years of experience, but typically this is only as a self-employed contractor rather than as an employee. This can come by way of internships, cooperative educational programs, and any jobs within the industry related to the position. The Construction Management Association of America and the American Institute of Constructors both provide education, tests, and resources to help potential construction managers.

Obtaining a 4-year degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, or engineering gives candidates the best chance at obtaining this position as swiftly and surely as possible. Research construction codes – knowing them are fundamental to the job, and demonstrating that knowledge cold will impress potential employers.

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