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Thanks for mentioning the Social Media Policy Beth, I work at rtraction, the company that developed the tool with a technology lawyer here in London. It's also important to note that your organizational policies also need to be legally enforcable. Eric Schwartzman is Founder and CEO of Comply Socially, which helps employers manage the risks and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace through self-paced, online social media training courses. Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting ‘Social Media Risks and Opportunities’ to a group of audit committee chairs in Toronto, Canada. As I have blogged about before here, corporate directors in the US are aware of the SEC’s guidance regarding social media, although none had indicated that their companies have used social to share information. Whether a tweet is negative or positive (in this case it could be construed as generally positive) it is important to monitor what is being said about your company.
This Social Media Policy Template pack includes 1 Master Social Media Policy Document (64 pages) and 9 Individual Policy templates. The templates are created in Microsoft Word (.doc) and can be easily modified to suit your requirements. Social Media Policy Template (64 pages) Use this template to define your Goals, General Policies, Confidentiality, Disclosures, Legal Issues, Intellectual Property, Brand Guidelines and more. Twitter Usage Policy – outline how employees may use Twitter to share, interact and communicate professionally.
Facebook Usage Policy – show staff how to be an Ambassador for your business on Facebook Fan pages.
Personal Blogging Policy – use this to help employees understand their obligations when using personal blogs.

Social Media Risk Management Policy – guidelines to reduce risk for employees and managers using Social Media sites. Brand Usage Policy – use this to ensure that your brand is used consistently across all social media network sites. You can use this Social Media Policy document to demonstrate that your company is committed to transparency and honesty in its communications with employees, partners and customers. To ensure that this is realized across different Social Media sites, you can use this Social Media Policy document to help your employees understand their responsibilities when using Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging.
You can share this policy document with employees, contractors, agents, and other individuals engaged on behalf of Company, through an agency, partner, subsidiary, or franchise.
A company might get excited about the programming and design, and then just slop some text in there. The group comprises The Canadian Audit Committee Network (CACN) and the members are drawn from leading Canadian companies committed to improving the performance of audit committees and enhancing trust in financial markets.
For example, smaller companies without a lot of news flow and analyst coverage could share industry information on financial blogs such as StockTwits or Seeking Alpha.
Here we talk about Q4, Social Media, IR Websites, Mobile, Market Intelligence and Stock Surveillance best practices.
You can use these templates to create formal policy documents for your employees’ usage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and more. I get a lot of questions on how to create policies like this for organizations and this is a great way to get the conversation going! If you are developing a social media policy for an organization, your first order of business is to understand why the company is blocking access, because it may be they are doing so because social media tools do not allow them to comply with laws or regulations.

So proactively sharing company information and industry-related news targeted to reporters may help garner some media coverage.
Be sure you can pay market rate, and can compete with the hundreds of other companies who desperately need the same people.
A company needs to use the web site and other elements of the internet as part of a marketing plan.
Those protections are even more important if the employee is using social media as part of their primary job function. During my 31 years in media production, I have only seen managers succeed who had already worked in one of the fields he or she was supervising.
For example, if the organization is inclusive and collaborative in its management style, that will lead to one type of social media policy. On the other hand, if you're in station is commanding control, like say Apple Computer, that will lead to a different type of social media policy. It may be naive to think you can change an organization's leadership or management style through social media policy. It is the responsibility of those charged with developing a social media policy to create one that supports the company's objectives in a way that is compatible with their existing business.

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