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From tenure and time management to business relationships and bonuses, learn how your career stacks up.
Inside you'll find more on these trends in interviews with IT executives, analysts and recruiters and as much data as we could fit, including compensation by title and company size.
So turn the page, and see how your career path, salary and relationships with the C suite compare with the benchmarks of your peers. That gap is even wider among IT executives with other titles: 70% of vice presidents of IT have held their job for five years or less, compared with 34% last year, for example (see chart, below).
For CIOs at midsized companies, the median time on the job is four years: Half have been in their current position for more than four years, and half for less (see chart).
On the upside, visibility in the C suite and the dynamic nature of midsized companies give these CIOs the opportunity to make more of a difference in their business than their large-enterprise counterparts. Thome helped move the company from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system running on proprietary hardware, software and a fixed-index file system to a package from Infor Global Solutions that's based on an integrated relational database running on a cheaper RISC-based server. When Tim Buffo, the IT director at First Morris Bank and Trust, realized he needed to think further ahead than the next server hiccup, he went to management and made the case for doubling the size of the company's IT department: that is, hiring a second person. No time to be strategic: It's a common lament of technology executives at midsized companies.

Dunbar's path to becoming a midmarket technology executive has involved one small step after another. For CIOs who want to change jobs, as roughly 60% of CIOs responding to our survey say they do in the next three to five years, it's important to take the right path. Then, in 1996, he jumped to BTG Americas Inc., where he was IT manager for the American unit of a Swiss company that makes machinery for the pulp and paper industry.
Dunbar's ultimate career goal is to work for a bigger company, and Dunbar thinks EMS will be that company.
Bigger Is Better On all counts, bigger companies pay more, and a C-level title takes the cake. METHODOLOGY: CIO Decisions conducted its 2007 Midmarket Salary and Careers Survey among qualified subscribers in February 2007. Unfortunately, the 2007 CIO Decisions Midmarket Salary and Careers Survey tells a different story: Job churn appears to be growing, with 66% of our CIO respondents on the job less than five years, compared with 50% last year.
That can lead to the desire to stay and grow with one company, as 70% of survey respondents indicate they hope to do in the next few years. The new ERP system allows customers to connect securely to Shaughnessy's Web site, which in turn helps the company better serve customers with little to no additional support.

Nearly 60% of respondents to the 2007 CIO Decisions Midmarket Salary and Careers Survey say they need more time for strategic activities. Every now and then, Gould will suggest that the Colorado Springs, Colo., company invest in some technology that promises a strategic advantage. In many cases, incremental moves will bring you toward your ultimate career goal, says Kirsten Smith, a partner in the technology practice at New York-based recruitment firm Battalia Winston International.
The majority of respondents at all but the largest midmarket companies report that they spend less than 50% of their time on them. Unless otherwise noted, the 479 responses for which data was analyzed come from respondents at companies, divisions, or organizations with revenue or operating budgets of $50 million to $1 billion with the title of CIO, vice president of IT, IT director or other senior IT titles who report directly to the CEO, CFO or another C-level business executive. Yet there's plenty of opportunity and compensation at smaller companies, too -- and a good amount of job hopping, with median tenure for IT executives now at four years.
Where noted, data was also analyzed according to company size as defined by number of employees (between 100 and 5,000).

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