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As companies jockey for position in this new world of social, the race for companies to emerge to the best-in-class title is relentless.
As you can see from the graph above, companies considered to be experts in social media are facing challenges with measuring ROI. The rate of social platform adoption continues to grow, with Facebook now touting over 800+ million members and Google +, which started with 10 million users in July, now boast of having 62 million users.

Novice companies are experiencing difficulties as well, although this isn’t their biggest challenge. New platforms like Pinterest, which was a tiny blip on the social platform map in June of 2011, increased its number of subscribers by more than 40% reaching over 10 million users. With the evolution of social platforms’ usage and capabilities, we are starting to see clear social marketing maturity patterns, driven by savvy social enterprises, who are setting best practices and are followed as best-in-class examples for starting with social.

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