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Social media for hiring purposes is at an all-time high: 92 percent of companies use platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruitment, and 45 percent of Fortune 500 firms include links to social media on their career page sections. Amongst the top social networks, LinkedIn leads the way, favoured by 93 percent of companies, ahead of Facebook (66 percent) and Twitter (54 percent).
A whopping 93 percent of the 1,855 recruiting pros surveyed in Jobvite's 2014 Social Recruiting Survey use or plan to use social media in their recruiting efforts.The reason why is simple and powerful. Matthai said social media has allowed Shell to find the best job candidates more effectively, serving as a great channel for dialogue, showcasing its employer brand, better understanding job candidates, engaging applicants through the recruitment process and communicating with wider audiences on a more personalized level.
Valerie is an experienced writer and editor dedicated to providing useful and relevant career news about the oil and gas industry. Almost three-quarters (73 percent) of recruiters say that they have made successful hires through social media, and, conversely, one third of employers rejected candidates because of something that they found in their social profiles. At its core, social media is an engine allowing individuals or organizations to share information and interact with one another.

The emphasis on cultural fit is a major reason recruiters are doubling down on social media as a tool.
Use Social Media to Evaluate Cultural FitSocial media's often used to highlight "what not to do" from a candidate's perspective (take down those photos of your bachelor weekend in Vegas, please), but what's often overlooked is its usefulness to recruiters and hiring managers as both a sourcing and a screening tool for new talent especially when it comes to finding talent with that perfect cultural fit, says Yarden Tadmor, CEO and founder of anonymous job search and recruiting app Switch."Traditionally, social media's importance to recruiting has been limited to the way it is used to weed out candidates who might be a bad fit -- in other words, those unprotected tweets can do serious damage when recruiters are evaluating potential employees. When we're on the fence about a candidate's resume, we use LinkedIn to find out how involved they are in the LinkedIn community and throughout the industry. This gives valuable insight that was previously unattainable, and are key ingredients of our prime candidates," says Cristin Sturchio, global head of Talent at Cognolink. Sturchio adds that when using LinkedIn as a screening tool, she and her team look for candidates who've gained endorsements, who belong to professional groups and follow relevant companies and people.
You can't find that kind of information on a resume, and if you can, it often gets lost in more pressing details," says Sturchio.Use Social Media to Evangelize Your Business, Mission and ValuesFrom a recruiting perspective, having a well-defined social media brand can help attract the best passive candidates, says Tadmor. In fact, according to the Jobvite research, companies know they have to sell their workplace cultures not just to attract the right candidates but to influence their decisions about where to work, and attract like-minded talent.

In addition, continued use of social media will help companies attract the next-generation workforce, as millennials continue to use social and mobile technology in their career efforts, according to David Hirsch, managing partner of Metamorphic Ventures.Hirsch says that social media is the ideal medium for employers to broadcast their social mission in order to attract high quality candidates.
It also may have recruiters posting about mechanical engineers for those interested in related jobs, and then advertising those jobs through that commentary. Companies are finding people by Tweeting or posting a Facebook page to find the skills they are looking to acquire, regardless of position. However and wherever recruiters can find talent, they will leverage those channels to be where the talent community exists," says Harty.Cognolink's Sturchio highlights that her organization also uses social media for job postings.

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