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Although you can argue that this monitoring is an invasion of privacy, I think that if students are really innocent, then there would be nothing to hide, and therefore internet policing would be appropriate. As others have mentioned, my biggest concern with this topic is deciding how much monitoring is too much (and who has a say in that). During the past year, the social media world saw a variety of poorly executed ad campaigns, but these 12 standouts, from companies including CVS, DHL, Outback Steakhouse and Starbucks, are complete disasters, according to social media experts.
Bill Cosby's request on Twitter for fans to "meme him" was one of 2014's biggest social media head-scratchers. In yet another glaring example of a brand, or in this case a celebrity, that misjudged their own image, TV's Dr. The presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products is a hot-button issue, one that caused jam and jelly maker Smucker's some embarrassment in 2014. Starbucks is often seen as a social media superstar, but in March 2015, the coffee chain was scalded by its #RaceTogether campaign. In the fall of 2014, Victoria's Secret launched a "Perfect Body" marketing and social media campaign to promote its brassieres. Last month I had tweeted about an LA school district hiring a firm to monitor students’ social media activity.
As someone said in class, I don’t think that the government or police cares about mediocre activities. A few weeks ago I actually tweeted a link to an article about a school in California that was starting to monitor it’s students on social media for safety measures. My feeling is that if you put something out on social media, its because you expect others to read and share it. As with anything on social media, the information needs to be taken with a grain of salt and backed up by other evidence.
That's the question that came to mind during the past year after Malaysia Airlines, Starbucks, American Apparel, and other major brands and celebrities unleashed ill-conceived social media campaigns.

A social media manager at American Apparel, born after the disaster and who apparently had no knowledge of the widely broadcast tragedy, posted a stylized image of the explosion on the brand's Tumblr page on July 4, 2014. Mehmet Oz invited Twitter users in November 2014 to send him their "biggest questions," and promised to answer his favorites on his show. In January 2015, the chain launched a social media promotion to celebrate Australia Day, but the flag depicted in its promo was British, not Australia, and it omitted the island state of Tasmania. Local police stations, schools, and government officials are taking interest in the NSA’s social media monitoring and heavily investing in tools to supervise young social media users’ tweets, pictures, and posts.
While I think that your suggestion to have parents sign a waver that allows a schools to monitor their children’s activities is a good start, I fear that by doing so, a community could potentially forgo the benefit of having such systems in place. The article stated that through their social media monitoring program, they were able to intervene and save a student who had posted about ending his own life. Social media is a fast-flowing river, and navigating it can be as tricky as guiding a kayak on Class V rapids.
As a result of the backlash, the company changed the wording of its campaign from "The Perfect Body" to "A Body for Every Body."Victoria's Secret campaign "was extremely tone deaf, especially when other campaigns that make a point of fighting body shaming, like Dove's, have recently been so successful," says Torati Consulting's Torati. Many school systems have partnered with Internet monitoring contractors to closely monitor students’ social media use.
Hashtags such as, #meth, #protest, #guns, and #weed are examples of the search words monitoring agencies use to pinpoint illegal action. The firm that the school district uses to monitor the social media sends an email of concerning comments and posts every day to the school principals.
Such missteps are a reminder that brands' social media teams should get multiple people involved to look at potentially sensitive posts from a variety of different perspectives, according to Francesco Gallo, social media community manager, AppDynamics. However, the hashtag was soon used against the Redskins on Twitter, in tweets like this one:"The Bullets changed their name.
Such schools claim the reason such monitoring companies are necessary is to monitor the cyber bullying while police stations believe such monitor companies are most useful to disarm large public events, gang communication, and social unrest.

Minors make a lot of mistakes and its terrifying to think that now a lot of these mistakes are recorded on the internet for everyone to see. Moreover, in the article above, the school district merely defends their actions by claiming that they have their students’ safety in mind. I think that this is more appealing than having a police department monitor the posts because it is a removed third party who only gets involved when items of concern are posted. I believe that if used properly, these monitoring systems could examine behaviors by students, identify patterns and approach students before a situation escalates and more damage is done. I think that is reason enough to implement a policy, however you do pose a strong argument as well.
The school district says that they the problem isn’t them invading privacy, it is that adults (school administrators, teachers, parents) are not listening effectively.
In this way aggregating data on these types of social interaction could allow communities to keep minors from making a lot of the mistakes that they would have otherwise made. In class we talk a lot about the power of social media, or the way the information gathered from it can be used to better the world.
As I mentioned before there is no right answer and I fear that my suggestion would force individuals to give up certain civil liberties and by doing so we could start heading down a slippery slope. It used to be that these conversations could be monitored in person, but there is danger in the fact that they are being posted online because there are no repercussions as adults aren’t hearing any of these conversations. In this sense, I think the information collected by some of these tracking social media companies can really help schools, particularly when ultimately used as a way to guide students down a better path, and keep them from repeating mistakes.

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