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Average North American Gaming Community Manager salaries for job postings in Santa Clara, CA are 41% higher than average North American Gaming Community Manager salaries for job postings nationwide. The theme for this year is the “Evolution of the Community Manager.” While the duties of the CM aren’t fully clear in this next phase, we should expect that they will play a key leading role as large companies gravitate toward the Collaborative Economy. They may help companies turn online communities into marketplaces where customers can resell, fix and improve existing products. These are just some of the future skills and roles that Community Managers will evolve into as social moves into the physical world.
In 2013, Community Managers are trending, both online, and their impact to their organizations and the customers, who they serve.
As professional online communicators, Community Managers are the most powerful group for 5 reasons: 1) Professionally trained 2) Access to top tools 3) Manage the largest social media accounts in world 4) Highly connected to each other, and 5) Their interactions with market are public, which resonate. Each year, Community Manager appreciation day grows in size and in location, this year I was stunned by the community involvement and market reaction. Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, in celebration of saluting this important role changing the face of corporations and customers everywhere, I wanted to share original data and insights on the state of the space. Altimeter Group conducted analysis of 30 global job descriptions of Community Managers to ascertain patterns on job requirements and skills.

Long time friend, Marshall Kirkpatrick (RWW, now entrepreneur) provided me data on influential community managers in Twitter. Community Managers followed the following folks, who are mostly providing services, resources, information and guidance to other community managers.
The following are the most followed social software vendor corporate accounts (not personal accounts, like Maria) of the top 500 Community Managers.
Summary: As the broader category of Social Business continues to proliferate around the globe, these day to day business programs will be staffed, run, and managed by Community Managers serving on the front line with customers, employees, and partners.
It’s the third annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (every fourth Monday of Jan) and I’d like to salute the folks working on the front lines at companies big and small leading the charge. Yet despite the sexyness of the modern day community manager job, these roles aren’t just “playing on Facebook all day”.
To meet the needs listed above, a group of very talented and experienced community professionals have teamed up with Womma to launch a certificate program with Community Roundtable and ComBlu, to aid education and standards across the industry. I had seen that some of our hardest working business folks were struggling to manage the onslaught of communications, maintain the balance of internal and external stakeholders, and deal with the emotional toll of responding to customers days, nights and weekends. In any case, please join me in celebrating some of the world’s top community professionals that are interacting with us on a daily basis.

This exciting new role is common at many companies within the social media team, see composition of a social media team, and how community managers fit in. They’re plagued with dealing with customer issues after hours (the “burnout”) , and on weekends, learning to manage undesirable community members, and trying to balance the needs of customers and sometimes conservative corporations unwilling to lean towards social.
Although Community Managers are often social creatures, they could be working in a vaccum, and may be missing out on greater training or perspective. There are thousands of community professionals rallying behind the cause, and top social business software and services companies who’ve created content in recognition of it.
Just as community managers honed their skills for online communications, they’ll now need to adjust their skills to the physical world.
Here are the most followed (thereby highest potential of Influence) Community Managers followed by their peers.

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