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Although there has been some discussion about starting your internship search as early as freshman year (or even before), you don’t necessarily have to be thinking that far into the future just yet. Networking is very important during a job search, but also plays a central role in your career moving forward. Levo arms you with the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs. The pressures of finding a job after college are becoming real as my college career becomes condensed to weeks.
We know it’s hard to even think about the job search during your senior year of college, let alone do anything about it. So I set a goal to get a job before graduation and worked hard trying to land many interviews—even for jobs I was not very interested in, just so I would get some practice. After a period of consistency and sticking to my goals through my process, I was finally able to get hired for a career after college. College students can make the most of their time at a career fair by having a plan before they arrive.
If you are networking to get a job, don’t overwhelm the recruiter or person of interest by spewing out everything that makes you great. Take a look at our breakdown of your four years with our career development timeline for college students.
You can use the Explore feature on AfterCollege to get job recommendations for your major, search online for career stories, or tap into your personal or school’s alumni network to find people for informational interviews.
This will allow you to do more than one internship during your college career and start building relationships with employers early on. It’s a good idea to start your internship search early in your college career so that you can get to the next phase of internships (where you actually get to do real work) sooner.
If you want more detailed advice about the job search as a college student, you can check out our job search survival kit, our week-by-week guide to your senior year job search strategy.

Researching early about what you love most: products, companies, or people, will not only provide focus to your search but will also guide you in your path to an internship and networking. As a public relations major, the communications world can be so broad that finding the perfect job seems like an unrealistic expectation. Dress For the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have.This is one of the most important pieces of advice I took from a former employer. Internships.Most of us who are entering the real world and looking for entry-level job positions have had internships in the past. When we surveyed students in April for our annual job-seeker survey, 80.2% said they hadn’t lined up a job yet. In my experience, many college seniors do not even know where to start as far as looking for a place to work, where to find jobs, and just getting started in general.
Your resume should never be more than one page (especially as a college student or recent graduate). Statistics show that it takes more than a few months on average for a college student to find a job. Although you might not be actively looking for a post-graduation job yet, they’re a great opportunity to meet employers and find out about any opportunities within their companies.
Tip: Make a top 10 list of places you would like to work right out of college, research these organizations and you will feel much more prepared when you do start your job search. I took a semester off my junior year of college and worked for Senator McCain on his presidential campaign. As a 22-year-old college student, it's hard to say exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life, and I've finally come to terms with the fact that my first job will allow me to gain experience and grow in the professional world.Preparing for the real world is something that I'm still learning to do and I know that the obstacles are still yet to come. He lined up his job as a Financial Services Representative at MassMutual while he was still in school and started his new job in July 2013. I stuck with my plan with the attitude that failure or coming out of my search empty-handed was not an option.

Have short-term goals (small wins like getting to the next interview round) and long-term goals (getting a job) within reason. If you can get your hands on these lists, you can search through and target the companies you might be interested in working for and save time and energy.
However, in applying for jobs and prepping myself for interviews and the different people I'll meet along the way, there are a few things I've found pretty helpful when it comes to the job search.1. We chatted with Bo to learn more about how he approached his job search and what tips he has to help you through the process. I spent a lot of time thinking and researching in the fall of my senior year but not much time planning. Especially if you get far in an interview process and lose the job to someone else or you can’t seem to even get an interview. When balancing school, social life, and the job search, you need to know when you are going to accomplish your tasks, how you are going to accomplish them, and then do them when the time comes. Any college senior who signs up with us will receive a weekly email (for the duration of the school year) full of activities and advice to guide you through the job search one step at a time.
Maintain Realistic Expectations.This is probably one of the most important things I've realized when it comes to my job search. I went to the career fairs, applied to a few jobs on the school website, but that did not really get me anywhere. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm applying for entry-level job positions and ultimately I just have to hope that some place will see a spot for me within its company.
However, persistence is key and maintaining a mind sight that no job is a bad job can get you far.

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