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So now that you've seen some sample kits, let's discuss what every media kit should have. The length and content of a media kit tends to depend on how long you've been active in the blogosphere and what types of work you've done for companies (i.e. A media kit is a condensed version of what you blog about, who your readers are, and some of those "fancy" statistics that brands like to see before they consider working with you. Be sure to come back and learn how to design an amazing media kit for your blog for the low low price of free.99.

Having an updated media kit can be the thing that puts you over the top and opens those proverbial doors for you. Be sure to include an email address, your blog's address, and the links to any social media networks you use for your blog.
As far as the length of your kit, I often times see bloggers go back and forth about how long a media kit should be. In my very humble opinion, I really think your media kit should be as long, or as short, as it takes to include all relevant information that may be of interest to sponsors.

My media kit originally started off as one page, however as time progressed, I realized one page just wasn't going to cut it. I've seen bloggers call people out for having two page media kits, which I think is a bit simplistic.

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