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The skills you will acquire and practice as a sports journalist relate to other forms of journalism.
For those who are fans of watching amateur, university and professional games, who are intrigued with the lifestyle of disciplined athletes or actively play a sport themselves, they might gravitate towards sports journalism. By pursuing a sports journalism degree, you will not only learn theoretical and practical wisdom that is relevant to your future career; you will also almost always have the opportunity to complete one or more Internships.
If you are interested in sports journalism jobs, pursue a Bachelors degree with a major, minor or specialization in sports journalism and apply for an Internship in the sports department of one or more media.

While the role of a sports commentator is an example of a sports journalism career, it is just one of several potential occupations for those who graduate with a sports journalism degree.
For example, a sports journalist may also research and write the text that the sports commentator reads on the air.
If you already have an undergraduate or general journalism degree, you have the option of upgrading your education and completing a Masters in Sports Journalism. Check out our list of online and campus schools for information on sports journalism programs.

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