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Social Media Marketing MBA Today, corporations are no longer able to control the conversation about their products.
Marketing MBA As consumers have gained more control in the marketplace, marketing has become central to critical business decisions. Mba marketing, mba marketing, The mba marketing degree is a graduate degree program that focuses on the product, price, promotion and placement of a product. As a result, marketing has become a key component of strategy and business decision making. In today’s businesses, executives with the marketing MBA have a wide variety of career options and can become an indispensable member of a company. One step up above product manager or brand manager is the marketing manager, who focuses not only on a single product or service, but the overall offerings of a company.
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They engage in activities ranging from lead generation to cold calls and meetings with prospects to deliver their pitch.
Therefore, unlike brand managers, product managers are more involved with designing the product features and specifications, in addition to setting deadlines for various stages of completion.
Executive managers are now primary players in the field of marketing and work to understand consumer knowledge to benefit their organization. Establishing that protocol and marketing plan for any new product or service is the job of the new product development specialist. The marketing manager also is responsible for maintaining relationships with current customers and often works with new and emerging technologies.
Brand managers work collaboratively with people across the board: product developers, market researchers, creative agencies, internal marketing communication teams etc. In fact, a new need for executives with marketing experience has led to the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a focus on marketing.

So, make sure you understand where your strengths and interests lie before you make a career decision. The marketing MBA combines management skills with marketing know-how and strives to make marketing MBA graduates invaluable members of any upper level management department. Therefore, getting a brand management role in an entirely new geography after your MBA can be tricky unless you have an excellent track record in the area.
The scope of product marketing ranges from product strategy and positioning, pricing, driving awareness, helping buyers with information and post-launch customer interaction.

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