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Rigzone takes a snapshot of available oil and gas jobs in North America for the month of February, and it shows that careers in sales are in highest demand. Using Rigzone data, we’ve identified the jobs in highest demand in North America, based on the number of available positions. According to Rigzone data, for the month of February, the O&G jobs in highest demand were in sales and marketing.
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CareerJunction has released its latest CareerJunction Index (CJI) update, showing which jobs are most in demand in South Africa. Since January, new jobs have increased by between 20-30% within the Retail and Manufacturing industries while the Admin industry, job ad volumes doubled.
Demand within the IT industry remains steady, with year-on-year data showing that hiring activity has picked up by 9%.
High demand but entry level are limited and scars so pupil are just expect with a minimum experience of 3 and where do get that it when junior levels or entry levels are not made available.

The City Press has reported that an acquisition process by Armscor is aimed at providing president Jacob Zuma with a new VIP jet which could cost up to R4 billion.
Oil and gas companies in North America have been laying off workers, cutting costs and suspending projects for several months now, with more anticipated until the market picks back up.

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