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In these sectors, employers are hiring, workers are treated well and the pay is getting higher and higher.
To create this year’s list, we started by combing through data provided by Statistics Canada on more than 600 job categories.
With that in mind, we also account for how much competition there will be for these jobs in the future using data from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, which projects future labour supply and demand to 2020. If a career that’s always threatening cuts doesn’t appeal to you but you still want a job that offers increasingly better pay, then prepare to get your hands dirty.

The worst jobs in Canada, also ranked by demand and recent salary growth (or a lack thereof). Very fantastic day, this is the seriously superb site, I’ve plummeting in adore studying many with the posts and threads contained after the location, sustain the wonderful perform as well as hope to learn a lot more exciting articles or blog posts from the time to come. By 2020, nearly 9,000 nurses with a median wage of $72,000 will be retiring annually, as the demands of an aging population become more acute.
Almost all of the public-sector jobs on our list have median salaries of $95,000 and higher.

And the best news for job-seekers is that demand for these positions isn’t expected to drop off anytime soon. And while you could argue that the public sector is a risky place to hold down a job, in terms of size it’s been relatively unchanged since the late 1990s, and accounts for about 20% of all employment in Canada.

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