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Ranger Careers presents the diversity of jobs that park rangers perform working for the National Park Service. Once you are scheduled for a distance learning program, the following links access the lesson plans and materials needed to prepare your students. Anywhere there are bodies of water where people work or play, search and rescue divers inevitably find themselves called to action. Lost divers and swimmers, hurricane and storm victims, shipwreck survivors, and many others find themselves in need of rescue.

Accidents take place in a variety of environments; in mountain lakes and rivers, in quarries and ponds, and at popular open water dive sites, on reefs and at wrecks. In order to maintain rescue team safety and increase the odds of saving lives, rescuers must be well equipped and well trained; if you work for a public agency, ongoing training is something that will be provided to you on a regular basis, and equipment will very likely be issued. Often, search and rescue dive teams are funded by and maintained by federal, state, or local agencies. To make yourself a better candidate for employment as a Search and Rescue Diver, take the time to dive as much as possible and gradually increase your competence level.

Through a live and interactive lesson with park rangers via the Internet, students learn how they can get involved in their local national parks. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest diving specials, scuba packages, dive tours, scuba diving courses, diving events, scuba contests, dive news and more!

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