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Your ability to find and interact with your potential candidates on social network sites like Facebook and LinkedIn is crucial to your company’s talent search. In our latest eBook, “Social Recruiting Paranoia: 5 Social Recruiting Worries That Are Holding You Back,” we look at how hesitation and fear can lead to costly social media mistakes that damage your recruiting potential.
Now in its seventh year, the 2014 Social Recruiting Survey is the most comprehensive of its kind and analyzes trends within the recruiting space. Way back in 2004 USATF was the very first business or organization to post a job related to social media on Work in Sports.
Maybe everyone else in sports expected social media to be a passing fad like the Harlem Shake or those lensless glasses Dwayne Wade tried to make popular, because it wasn’t until 2006 that another company posted a job even using the term ‘social media’ in either the job description or the job title. Since 2009, the growth curve is impressive, with 2013 on pace to have 1,964 jobs related to social media posted on Work in Sports, a whopping 8.5% of our entire jobs database. According to our research the most qualified applicants for sports jobs in social media have a background in journalism, marketing, public relations and internet marketing.
With this growth, the social team not only got a seat at the big boy table, alongside those tie wearing accounting guys, they also started having to live to the same standards of other departments (i.e. Understanding what works, why it works and how to make it work better is the next phase of social media. Power, prestige, organizational importance…and just think, social media barely existed 10 years ago.
Every successful company’s marketing mix should have three distinct parts—paid, owned and earned media.

Jobs in social media are clearly on the rise, but the skills necessary to thrive aren’t being taught in enough colleges or universities. Until colleges, universities and even high schools catch up to social media and make it a more integral part of curriculum, there won’t be a one-class-covers-it-all solution. Not so much anymore, as millions of people worldwide have adopted social media into their normal routine it has become more cluttered.
On social media today, a hashtag can be used on several platforms including, but not limited to: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The under-utilized Twitter Lists feature can actually be used to effectively curate and manage groups of social influencers. Of the 255 recognized countries or territories in the world, 230 of them have generated at least one mention of the 2014 World Cup on social media, according to the Adobe Social Index (ADI).
Key trends involving mobile technology, social media, and career sites are greatly influencing the way companies look for candidates—and the way candidates view their prospective employers.
We also offer tips for managing your concerns and succeeding in the brave new world of social recruiting. With tips about everything from crafting and leveraging a strong employment brand to making the best use of social media, this free resource provides critical guidelines that will change how you think about sourcing and marketing to today’s millennial workforce. OK, technically it was a ‘Website and Social Media Intern’, but these forward thinkers deserve credit as early adopters to what is now one of the fastest growing careers in the entire sports industry.
This particular company not only has a social media department, they see it’s impact as so vast they want a Council established to unify and align the outward messaging!

This skills statement just goes to prove, it takes more than creative whimsy and an encyclopedic memory of sports events to thrive in sports social media jobs.
The onus is on you to carve out a social media education, don’t wait around for colleges to figure it out. One of the biggest facts to whether or not you run a successful social media campaign is your ability to manage time well. This summer I was right in the mix with the social media account managers, the sales team and the overall operations of the company.
It feels like just yesterday (even though it was back in January) that I was setting up shop at my first, post-college job as a social media account manager at StrataBlue. How social technology connects companies with candidates is changing the world of talent acquisition. Check out our infographic ebook for key insights into social recruiting and job seeker trends. From social media behavior to mobile usage to concerns about growth and compensation, our comprehensive study gets you inside the minds of your most coveted candidates. These lines seem to have gotten a bit fuzzy on social media though, especially on Instagram.

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