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Find out about the many different science careers open to graduates and how to apply for them. Below is a chart listing many of the main science-related jobs with a rough coding on the likelihood of a career from the particular degree subject. Getting work experience in science isn't easy and if you can't get this do something else that will develop your employability skills such as a summer camp with BUNAC in the United States. Many of the following organisations will consider forensic science students as well as chemists, as Kent Forensics students have a strong training in analytical chemistry techniques.
Undergraduate research awards The following offer small bursaries (typically c£150pw) to enable undergraduates who are considering research as a career to work in a research laboratory during the summer vacation.
Many of the following organisations may sometimes offer placements which may be in aeronautical engineering, materials science etc. A large proportion of Kent science graduates go on to postgraduate study (see the table below).
This virtual badge was created for Schlumberger Expert-volunteers to add to the Volunteering section of their Eureka Career Networking Profile (CNP), to your own personal Web page, or email signature. This virtual badge was created for Schlumberger employee-volunteers to add to the Volunteering section of their Eureka Career Networking Profile (CNP), to your own personal Web page, or email signature. Take science classes and search for high school engineering internships to nab one of the jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago but is now pretty lucrative. Students interested in science and engineering careers have a healthy variety of options for a bright future.

Experts and government data also point to careers dealing with energy, such as petroleum engineering, and health care, including biomedical engineering, as surefire career growth fields. The National Academies are comprised of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine.
Science careers are receiving heightened attention and support from the federal government due to an Oct. Connie Hall, an assistant professor in biomedical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, said high-school and early-college students interested in science and engineering should take as many classes in math, physics, chemistry, biology and, if possible, physiology, as possible. One way in is via a postgraduate conversion course, such as the one year MSc in Computer Science at Kent. There are over 1400 paid projects over the summer vacation open to students of any subject (many are science and IT related). Not many forensic science employers formally advertise placements so you need to send a science CV (see above) and speculative covering letter to the employers listed on the forensic science careers page You can also apply to the general science sources listed above. This is partly because grants are more easily available in the Sciences for postgraduate study than in the Arts or Social Sciences. These posters depict each SEED theme along with their titles in seven languages: water, Earth sciences, energy, climate change, health and safety, living systems, and artwork. Science and engineering fields are among the best and fastest-growing in America, according to career-oriented surveys. The National Academies were chartered by Congress to advise the government on matters of science and technology.

12, 2005 National Academies report, titled “Rising Above the Gathering Storm,” which warned that the United States’ historical advantages in the marketplace and in science and technology had started to erode.
Science majors chose Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GSK and Merck in their top five, according to the survey of 37,000 students. HPLC) as employers may not realise the strong scientific basis of the Kent degree unless you make this clear. Also, a carefully chosen higher degree may make entry to research and other science careers easier. Medical scientist ranked close behind, with a 34.06 percent growth rate and average pay of $70,053. Department of Labor’s list of fastest-growing fields include computer engineering, medical and physician assistants, and employees at science and technology museums. They go to private industry, government and non-governmental organizations,” said Deborah Stine, associate director of the Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy at the National Academies in Washington, D.C. Post it on your classroom Web page and share it within your online communities so more people can be inspired to try a career in science!

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