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An HR job’s is one of the most challenging, complex and rewarding all at the same time. Human resource professionals oversee different administrative functions inside the company and conduct important processes like recruitment and management of new staff. Human resource management is all about managing the most important resources that a company invests in, its employees, also known as human capital. Although the visible functions of a HR are limited to conducting interviews, negotiating salaries and successfully inducting the prospective employees, there is much more to a HR’s role in business today.
A strong sense of business ethics is a compulsory requirement as a human resource has access to lot of confidential information regarding the company, which shouldn’t be divulged to any unauthorized personal. A professional armed with a degree in human resource management from a premiere college can expect to start from a respectable salary of INR 6 lacs per annum. Meet with different business operation heads and get their requirements for hiring, training, and audits. The immense responsibilities shouldered by HR specialists leads way to a number of benefits and a couple of perils that come in the line of pursuing this career.
An HR professional risks being alienated to a majority of workforce of an organization as he is caught between the expectations of the company and the employee, trying hard to balance both.
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Experient employees are energetic team players that pride themselves in accomplishment and have the highest standard for ethics and integrity. The ESN continues to grow and is looking for entrepreneurial minded hospitality professionals who are ready to launch their own business leveraging the brands of Experient and Maritz.
Responsible for managing the most valuable resources for an organization, an HR professional plays a vital role in shaping the future of a company, and that too, without getting the credit for it most of the time.
They act as a bridge between the employee and the top management and are concerned with every aspect of employee relations. During the course of their career, HR professionals have to assume varied roles and responsibilities from that of a career development counselor to that of a relationship manager.
Excellent organization skills is the first in the line, since dealing with people’s lives and careers leaves no room for error. Good interpersonal skills along with relationship management abilities are also highly looked up to.
For those looking for job opportunities outside the country, countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, England and other English-speaking countries are the top options. He keeps an eye on the top career options like career in HR, Engineering, sales & marketing etc and pens his thought about these.
Their job is to ensure that all hired resources contribute affectively to the company’s smooth running and profitability.

With so many roles, it is only natural to expect a prospective human resource manager to possess excellent skills and academic credentials.
Files and records should be maintained with immaculate accuracy and should be instantly accessible. Equity, to view all employees fairly and in equal light and dedication for continuous improvement must come easy to a professional looking for a HR job. The contributions of HR professionals to an organization’s business viability and success through strategic human management are huge, and therefore, the profession continues to increase in stature as a perfect career choice.
The knowledge of various policies, procedures and training vital to business operation will make you the one person everyone seeks for advice.
Meeting with new people and interacting with them will make you more open, smart and wise, affecting all spheres of life. Budgeting and Forecasting RevenuesThe Infinite Hotel, a thought experiment created by German mathematician David Hilbert, is a hotel with an infinite number of rooms.

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