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Many of the high-demand, high-growth jobs in Hampton Roads over the next five years will require post-high school education but not necessarily a four-year degree. The good news is that you can prepare for these careers at your local community college, where you’ll find more affordable tuition than at four-year or for-profit schools.
If you want to get yourself ready for a high-growth, in-demand career, put TCC on your list.
About Tidewater Community CollegeTidewater Community College – the largest provider of higher education and workforce development services in Hampton Roads – enrolls over 40,000 students annually and has the second largest undergraduate student body in Virginia.

Baby Boomers looking to switch careers, Millennials looking to get ahead, Generations X and Y transitioning out of the military – the pipeline has room for everyone. TCC is the 14th highest associate-degree producer in the nation and the 11th largest public two-year community college. You’re hoping to avoid college debt, so you’re looking for a pipeline to a meaningful career without spending a ton of money on tuition. At Tidewater Community College, some of the career studies certificates set you on the path to a two-year associate degree.

Advanced manufacturing and maritime careers are also experiencing high demand in Hampton Roads.

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