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The fitness and natural therapies industries continue to grow in Australia, with greater numbers of people turning to various methods of keeping their bodies healthy. The graph shows historical and projected (to 2017) employment levels (thousands) for this occupation.
Over the five years to November 2017, the number of job openings for Fitness Instructors is expected to be above average (between 25,001 and 50,000). As expected, the Fitness industry has a strong appeal amongst young people between 20 and 44 years of age, making it a vibrant and dynamic work environment.
According to a new Hudson survey of salaries, the employment market is broadly positive for accounting and finance professionals, with salaries rising. Researchers also found 67 per cent of Australians perform little to no exercise and only 5.6 per cent of Australian adults had an adequate daily intake of fruit and vegetables. This course is designed for people who are passionate about health and well-being, who want a career focusing on fitness while instructing others.
This certificate covers fitness planning and programming, legal matters, client screening and motivation, program delivery and business planning.
This general interest course will give you the knowledge to perform and prescribe exercises as an addition to manual therapy (such as massage). This comprehensive course covers the essentials of nutrition, food production and the workings of the alimentary system; it could be a starting point if you are considering a career in sports nutrition. This specialised course provides training in the principles and concepts that underpin life coaching, a practice which focuses on equipping yourself and others with the tools and skills required for personal and professional growth.
Our fitness courses are delivered online, giving you the flexibility of organising your study around your life. Among other things, you'll learn how to apply exercise science principles to planning exercise, how to plan and deliver personal training and how to undertake appraisals of functional movement. You’ll also learn how to undertake small business planning, establish legal and risk management requirements of small business and to market a small business.
Enter your details below to receive a free PDF and a consultation with a Course and Careers Advisor. Pay in full when you enrol in any Open Colleges course and you could save thousands of dollars. The money trainers can earn working in this capacity varies a lot depending on the establishment they are set up in and the people who go to it. But it also depends on how hard and how many hours a trainer works, and how many clients they attract within the establishments they’re based in.
Better opportunities will present themselves as they advance through their careers if they are willing to work hard.
Some places unfortunately open their doors to as many trainers as possible to collect the monthly fees without caring about how difficult they’re making it for the trainers to get enough clients to earn a decent income. If we had to give a good rule-of-thumb, we’d say that there should be no more than 2 or 3 trainers for every 1000 members in a fitness club. Our organization makes a broad estimate that only about 10% of personal trainers work in this capacity. In addition to one-on-one personal training, trainers employed by a club will often be given other tasks to do within the club, such as running group fitness classes or circuit training sessions. Examples of fitness club chains that directly employ their own personal trainers include David Lloyd, Nuffield and Virgin. These trainers are the higher-risk, higher-reward entrepreneurs of the personal training industry.
Those who fall short of that sort of level can still earn a lot of money and have great careers working in this capacity. Something else quiet common among the highest earning personal trainers is they have very broad ranges of skills and expertise.
Check if you would make a good Personal Trainer!Start our quiz and learn if you have a potential of becoming a succesful PT. If you want to keep learning about how to maximize your earning potential as a personal trainer and forge the best career possible for yourself, then we have lots of additional information and resources to help you with that. To see everything we have to offer that can help your career, check out our amazing fitness resources center. In the UK there are two certificates that are recognised on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and you will need to be eligible for registration in order to get work in the UK or to get insurance to practice as a freelance self employed PT. These days most of us are choosing a carrier as a personal trainer either full time or part time.
While your degree will of course be highly relevant to personal training, in order to work as a personal trainer in the United Kingdom you would need a personal training qualification from a UK training provider or a US or EU qualification that is recognized in the UK. In order to enroll on a UK personal trainer course, you must first have a level 2 gym instructor course. I am a qualified personal trainer from IFBB which is an ,nternatonally recognise organisation and they have a office here in UK too. I would approach insurance companies and try to get insurance cover as a personal trainer and see what they say.
I really don’t want to waste my time or money training for something that is already on the wane so I would be grateful for any advice! Anyone can legally work as a personal trainer in the United Kingdom, but only people with a recognized qualification can get personal trainer insurance. Hi I’m very interested in becoming a personal trainer and I currently living in the UK.
To be a personal trainer, you first need a level 2 gym instructor qualification, then you need a level 3 personal trainer qualification. A personal trainers role is to effectively help their client achieve whatever health or personal fitness goals that they may have. Clients will need to be dealt with patiently and motivated to achieve the best of their ability, hence often a great deal of patience is required and rapport between trainer and client has to be very positive. For a person involved in an active routine, they need to have their goals closely monitored and constantly reviewed. Personal fitness trainers work around their clients needs and may include work outdoors, at a fitness club or a diverse mixture of different surroundings, therefore a personal trainer resume could be broad and very diverse. As you can see the fitness trainer salary range is broad but to get a better indication we will look at some specific cities to compare the likely income. Another factor is that generally people want trainers based around their free time they may have each day after work and family commitments etc.
Within the industry age and gender are quite equal amongst personal trainers, physical trainer salary in based more on experience and employer. To become a personal trainer you need to work towards certification which we will look at shortly.
Financial constraints relating to either paying for course and assessments, or time required when seeking clients or having a personal trainer resume created prior to applying to employers.
Some people could complete the required certification within 2-3 weeks and then be eligible to seek work, someone with more time or financial constraints may take 3-6 months.

I looked at the salary for a personal trainer and some of the factors that affected how quickly someone could train to be a fitness instructor. The introduction accreditation is Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and is recognised worldwide.
OPT outcome is intended to help clients from diverse populations increase lean muscle mass and strength, improve overall general health, reduce their body fat and improve performance. Once you are certified by the NASM, you can also access the member benefits which are broad and extremely useful for newly qualified people. Education starts with Personal Trainer Certification (PTC) and then accreditation can be extended by taking on further elements like exercise therapy or working with youths.
According to the ISSA website they have been recognized as an accredited trainer for 26 years and now operate in 91 different countries. For those that wish to share the vision of creating a stronger, healthier world the course progression is well structured. Following the ISSA route ensures that course content you will be learning is being constantly reviewed, in line with advances relating to medical health and fitness technology.
The ISSA was the first professional body to assess and train professional fitness coaches, and still today remains one of the largest organizations within its field. The ACSM has been around 1975 offering internationally recognised training and accreditation, with education managed by regional training centres. Again like the other providers education can be extended after the initial courses to keep up to date with changes in the industry, or to further your education and extend career prospects. Deciding on what is the best personal training certification for your individual circumstances should be given lots of thought, analysis and a through plan should be drawn up. For example some people may well benefit from home learning at their own pace, with backup from a tutor. The other advantage of some with a classroom physical environment for learning, is that the other students are likely to be in the same position as yourself.
After initial study is complete and you are beginning to progress your career, the next step is to ensure that your accreditation is kept up to date and skills are not allowed to decay.
Once you have planned out your certification route based on the companies we have discussed, you will need to look for fitness jobs in your area.
Once you know where you are, and where you want to be you can plan your education, then work towards your dream goals.
When you start looking at your local area for personal trainer jobs it will give you some insight into what experience and skills are likely to be necessary. So to summarise the jobs scene after certification, we have seen that fitness jobs are broad and diverse.
Personal training is a broad description for a number of specialist areas of fitness training and diet advice. As part of the gymnasium or fitness centre trainer you would also likely to be asked for diet advice. We have discussed the options for gaining certification from one of the main personal training accreditation bodies, the problem for many people is finding the time to study, or to expand finding the time to attend classroom based training. For a lot of people trying to find time to study for their new career, around work, lifestyle and children related constraints is the biggest problem. After you have completed all your personal training certification online, you generally have an assessment to complete and pass which is marked by your tutor.
Personal trainer certification online is getting to be a very common route for people looking to either advance their career, or re-educate themselves towards a new, fresh career away from what they are currently doing. When we discussed certification options earlier in this article we discussed briefly that ISSA and the ACSM both run online personal trainer certification programmes.
Doing an internet search for online personal training certification will result in a whole broad range of solutions.
The personal fitness trainer world is wide and many opportunities are available from within the US, to Australia, across to Europe and Asia.
The personal fitness world is ever changing and evolving however people in general are always looking at ways to improve their lifestyle and body. Employment in this large occupation (25 100 in November 2011) rose strongly in the past five years and rose very strongly in the long-term (ten years), according to the Job Outlook website. The Australian Health Survey weighed, measured, interviewed and took biomedical samples of about 50,000 people and found that obesity rates in Australian adults are rising, with 63 per cent of people now classed as overweight or obese. Learn to conduct fitness appraisals, develop programs, use fitness equipment safely, and advise clients on fitness and nutrition matters. This course would be suitable if you aspire to work as a personal trainer, whether in an established organisation or in your own business. Learn about the skeletal system, musculature and body chemistry, and acquire important fundamental knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Learn about the importance of carbohydrates, hydration and the influence of sports supplements. You’ll study specialist subjects such as how to plan and deliver exercise programs to support desired body composition outcomes. Trainers freelancing in clubs with good reputations in affluent areas can earn around ?40 to ?60k a year. Although for more high-end clubs, this ratio can be considerably higher and there will still be plenty of clients for everyone. Such trainers do not only secure their own clients; they may also be referred clients by the club they are employed in. They will all do one-on-one fitness training, but they also tend to do things like running group fitness classes, selling fitness products on their websites, or promotional work for media projects.
Any decent personal trainer can go running with their clients or do a bit of boxing pad-work, but there are far more specialist areas of health and fitness that different clients will require. Those who can do strength and sports conditioning can get work at sports clubs devising exercise programs for entire sports teams. They are: ACSM American college of Sports Medicine and NASM National Association of Sports Medicine. Without a recognized qualification you won’t be able to get personal trainer insurance.
We recommend that when you go to College you take a sports related course that you think you would enjoy and which you think would be helpful to your general development.
Your degree in sports science and personal training experience in South Africa will certainly be useful in your career, but by themselves they will not make you a qualified personal trainer in the UK. Can I ask, I’m currently overweight but my ambition is to be a personal trainer and more!!! How much money you will earn will depend mainly on the number of hours you work and on the price you charge per hour. The trainer needs to sympathize and often empathise with their client in order to keep them going when times get tough. Confidential information pertaining to a persons weight, medical history, height and specific goals must be undisclosed to any other person.

The personal trainers role is to keep in mind the clients desires and adjust routines and plans accordingly, unproductive time is something that should be discouraged and monitored.
Corporate sponsors and professional bodies striving to find the most effective personal trainers may pay in excess of a gym business for example.
This shows your potential clients and employers that you have been deemed proficient in assessing the needs of someone undergoing physical activity, or someone looking to get diet advice to complement their fitness regime.
Setting a realistic time-plan and goals along the way is the most effective method to gain the knowledge to pass the exams and get accredited.
Getting personal trainer certification can be done in various ways but I am going to look at the four main bodies in the USA. This course focusses on training staff to manage and enhance performance whilst helping reduce injuries. Study can then be extended by specializing in subjects such as sports nutrition, weight loss, weight gaining, or senior fitness. This means that their home based learning program is of high quality, and structured in such a way to educate students effectively in the comfort of their own surroundings, and at a pace and timescale dictated by the students. If you look at their website it explains that the course content is put together using Doctors, athletic and sports lifting championship winners, track and field competitors and finally fitness examiners. Following a training path with the ISSA you can be sure that they will guide you through your new career, and ensure that you constantly strive to improve your education through their specialization courses.
Using your peers outside of class to help with queries may well be advantageous and supplementary to the tutor input. For example someone may know of a client or business trying to recruit a personal trainer in your area, or maybe specialising in the area you are looking at going into.
Experience is going to be key for both potential employers, and for seeking private clients if that is the route you desire.
Or looking at adverts perhaps in the local paper for people seeking a personal fitness trainer, will give you a skill set analysis route.
If for example you live in an area ripe with woodland or beaches local need may be on running and outdoor fitness. Understanding your local marketplace and local needs is key to becoming successful, and thus meaning you are meeting the whole reason you wanted to be a trainer in the first place. You could opt to work in athletic training which is looking at people interested in running, track sports or marathon preparation for example. Being able to draw up both a meal plan, and nutrition advice to compliment a clients work out is part of your role. This refers to someone educated and experienced in a range of subjects from weights, running to swimming and more extreme sports. After successfully completing and passing the assessment you will be issued with a certificate, which can be shown to either future employers or clients whom you wish to privately reach out too. What you should ensure is that whatever training you decide to do, complies and is accredited by one of the bodies we have previously mentioned. We have highlighted some facts that show that this `job` may well be more fulfilling for you than sitting in an office for example. People want to live healthier lives but also for example want to look good on the beach with their toned bodies. I have shown you the routes that can be taken and some of the areas you need to clearly look at on the way. The positive news for potential trainers from this is that the fitness and personal training industries are booming, and the industry is riding a wave of popularity. It won’t make any difference to your path to qualifying as a personal trainer later on in life. Come to the UK, take those two courses together or separately, and you will be a certified UK personal trainer.
We’ve had plenty of students in the past who were in their forties and went on to become successful personal trainers. As you can see the personal trainer job description is quite broad and requires flexibility.
Other countries will have their own accreditation bodies and should be researched yourself if your home country is not the United States.
Development of OPT looked at core functional abilities such as core stabilization, cardiorespiratory endurance and improved flexibility.
Within this forum discussions range from recapping course materials, helping create a personal trainer resume, conversations about upcoming events and general involvement in the personal trainer community. By inspiring students to have a positive and quality impact on each individual that they have contact with. After working as a general personal trainer for a period of time, you may then decide to specialise in a particular area of the industry such as youth fitness training, senior citizen training or even a very specialised niche area such as golf fitness. Larger corporate companies may also hire the services of a personal fitness trainer to empower staff and improve relations and morale. The training programmes are all designed to be modular, so you can just build on prior learning and completed tests. Or if you want you can postpone College and start training to be a personal trainer immediately if you can afford to.
The advantage here for a client is that they would not need to search around for advice for specific issues. Some of these questions may well be dwelling in your own mind, and others may well be relevant at a later date. You will almost certainly have or discover and advanced area that you will want to study and specialise in. So it is entirely possible for anyone to get personal trainer certification regardless of your background and upbringing. Estimates have been rounded and consequently some discrepancies may occur between sums of the component items and totals. If a problem arises that is outside of the trainers expertise, they will be able to call upon other members of their network to provide a solution. This has added advantages for both yourself in terms of career progression, and for both the client or employer. When an ACSM trainer is looking for private clients this may well be a great selling point. After completion of training you can assist with these problems and feel confident that you can make a difference.
Their trainer will handle all the usual requests that are requited from fitness routines through to diet and eating plans, but should something such as an injury occur the client would not need to search around for a solution.
The trainer can act as a `manager` here and provide access to the specialist information or treatment.

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