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If you are considering to further your education, such as with a master’s of public health, you are very smart to be asking about the career and salary potential in the field. There are documented and forecasted shortages of public health physicians, public health nurses, epidemiologists, health care educators, and administrators. Remember that if you want to advance in public health, you will need to have a master’s degree in public health, and this will give you the greatest access to the best salaries.
Many people with a master’s degree in public health end up working as a health care executive or administrator for a public health-oriented organization. According to California Healthcare Foundation (2010), approximately 300,000 registered nurses worked in California, making nursing the single largest health profession in the state. According to the California Hospital Association (2014), about two-thirds of all RNs work in various hospitals of California.
Registered nurses (RNs) are predicted to enjoy a positive career growth in the state of California.

Students who wish to enroll in the RN programs in California can apply for a number of financial aid programs to finance their education. They deliver direct patient care, educate patients, provide advice, and assist other medical professionals in health care settings. They provide the support to other medical professionals such as physicians, surgeons, and therapists to help with the less critical duties of patient care. There is a wide range of salaries that you can expect in public health with your MPH, depending on which direction you choose.
Some of these include boosting access to good health care, controlling infectious diseases, and reducing various hazards in the environment. Such prominent traditional schools now offer distance learning MPH programs such as George Washington University, University of New England, University of Southern California and University of Liverpool. California is home to numerous colleges and universities that offer degree programs in a variety of areas of study.

Recognizing the key role that nurses play in providing care to patients across the health care system, colleges in California have increased their educational programs with the help of private-sector investments. This is due in part to the fact that governments and health care agencies are trying to rein in costs, and are focusing more on preventative care, and to prevent people from getting sick in the first place with good health practices in the community. Those who are interested in the field of nursing can also find a number of programs in California that may prepare them for careers in the field. California was ranked at #1 position for the highest employment levels for registered nurses in 2013, by the BLS.
Job Titles: Diabetes Patient Educator, Diabetes Educator, Staff Nurse - RN - Diabetes Educator In 2002, full-time nurse educators with a nine-month appointment earned salaries ranging between $25,000 and $100,000+.

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