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In the course of these turbulent times and economic uncertainty, many employees feel anxious about their future, constrained and frustrated in their career, and may subsequently become disengaged. Canon Australia recently embarked on a unique journey to inspire and stimulate their employees to take responsibility and ownership for their careers, which has heightened relevance in the current business climate.
In 2006, a number of employees at Canon Australia were seeking opportunities to revitalise their career. The program targeted people who may have been experiencing a career plateau, desiring a career transition or who were ready for the next career step. According to Pamela Frost, Director of Because, the program honours and regards every person as an individual who can make a significant difference in their career and personal lives.
The participants' career backgrounds included service technicians, sales coordinators, client services coordinators, administrators, account managers, human resource consultants, business analysts, financial accountants and general managers. The Work Engagement Tool explores motivational drivers and identifies opportunities for increased discretionary effort and engagement in the workplace as well as shaping career decisions.

The i-Choose career enrichment program was evaluated on the basis of qualitative and quantitative data. Of the 89 employees that attended the Career Enrichment program, 66 people (74%) stayed working in the organisation and 23 people (or 26%) chose to exit Canon. Find out more about the Career Enrichment Toolkit used in the i-Choose program at Canon Australia. Career enrichment starts in their current job, as there are ample opportunities to do things differently which enhance meaning and job satisfaction. Individual levels of engagement were measured during the program using the innovative Work Engagement Tool™, created by Because, and participants used the Career Enrichment Toolkit developed by Because to guide choices for development options.
This facilitates discussion in a confidential one-to-one coaching session about appropriate career decisions and whether they should re-engage or move out of the business.
Despite these being reasonable response rates, it is important to recognise that they are not representative of the career experiences of all participants.

Firstly, managers play a critical role in modelling high engagement behaviours and being proactive in providing mentoring support through having career conversations with their people. Secondly, follow-up is needed to ensure that career development action plans are indeed implemented.
Visit the Career Enrichment Toolkit info page to download the free Overview chapter and start using this comprehensive and practical resource today.

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