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NerdWallet’s Jobs in Demand study shows with just 2 years of school, you can earn 40% more and pay back your tuition in 2 years. A new year brings new opportunity, and there is no better time to take those first steps towards a better future by returning to school and pursuing a new career. We created this study to provide detailed analysis on high growth jobs to help those seeking a career change.
OK sure, it’s interesting to get stats back on the fields that are hiring the most workers now, or the career tracts that are tailored to a shortage. About Career Coach Sherri ThomasCareer Coach Sherri Thomas is a media consultant, international speaker, and author of “Career Smart – 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand”-on AMAZON's TOP 10 LIST for personal branding books!

If you want more options, more choices or even a completely different career, there is one surefire way to get it – become your own rainmaker.
As a leading Career Coach, Sherri is regularly featured in the Wall St Journal, New York Daily News, TIME magazine, SmartMoney magazine, and NBC-TV Phoenix. She has helped hundreds of professionals and executives transition into a more meaningful career. For the past three years, she has been a professional speaker across the United States and United Kingdom on career development strategies. I got your book Operation Creative Career Cheer and am on my way to finding my creative career.

So make sure you stay current with the demands of the market by assessing your skills and qualifications with what the market is demanding. Actually, nursing career options are broader than you may realize – once you have a little experience and the proper education, of course.
Certified nursing assistant It’s important to note that a CNA is not actually a nurse, and they work under the supervision of an RN, but the job can be used as a stepping stone into a nursing career.

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