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Workers are shown on a construction site on a bridge over the Miami River in Dayton, Ohio in March. Nova Scotia’s labour market is lagging the rest of the country as job vacancies increase faster in other parts of Canada, a new report says. The business group also said smaller companies tend to be saddled with the highest average unfilled job rates.
Job vacancies are defined as openings that have been vacant for at least four months because business owners have been unable to find suitable workers.

Meanwhile, the Progressive Conservative party is assailing the NDP government for the province’s lacklustre job numbers. There are 5,500 fewer full-time jobs in Nova Scotia today than there were three years ago, the provincial Tories said in a news release referring to Statistics Canada figures. This is in contrast with the average throughout the rest of Canada, where full-time jobs have surpassed recession levels, gaining 644,200 over the past three years, the Tories said.
Politicians from all three parties bickered at Province House on Tuesday over job numbers, with Premier Darrell Dexter saying there are actually 7,600 more jobs in Nova Scotia today than at the pre-recession peak.

But Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil said the number of full-time jobs is down by 3,000 since the NDP took office in 2009.
A study of job vacancy rates in Canada showed that the construction industry had the highest vacancy rates compared to other sectors.

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