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In census metropolitan areas, almost half of the farms have gross receipts under $25,000 but they also have a higher proportion of million-dollar farms than in Canada as a whole (Figure 3). Smaller farms can benefit from being in or near a city too, either through job opportunities for those whose farm is a part-time operation, or in niche markets begging to be supplied, or as agri-tourism destinations for city people. It may seem a safe assumption that farm operators in CMAs would be more likely to work off the farm given that the city's tempting job offers are just a short commute away.
The prevalence of large animal livestock operations sets the Halifax CMA apart from many of Canada's other metropolitan areas where fruit and vegetable farms, along with greenhouse, nursery and floricultural operations, dominate. At first it may seem hard to believe that Toronto, Canada's largest census metropolitan area and home to 5,113,149 people, has any relationship with agriculture beyond eating.
It may come as a surprise that the Winnipeg CMA, rising out of the fertile prairie at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, has some similarity to other metropolitan areas in Canada.
The changes in the Regina CMA between the 2001 and 2006 Censuses of Agriculture show that Regina was right in step with other CMAs in Canada. In terms of farm size, the Regina CMA mirrored Canadian trends: Farms in the smallest receipts class were most numerous but contributed the least to total receipts. Statistics Canada would like to thank the Canadian farming community for their participation and assistance in the 2006 Census of Agriculture.
2Many agricultural operations in Canada are composed of numerous parcels of land in a number of locations.
If you’re in the search for a job, then you certainly know the better place to find one.

It is more than evident that job searching has been done a lot easier since the arrival of the Internet and the introduction of employment websites. Recruitment agencies in Canada have understood the power that the Internet has when it is a question of seeking employment opportunities.
Yes, it is a fact that just like you there’s probably thousands of Internet users search for a job.
But the 2006 Census of Agriculture found that operators on farms in CMAs were just as likely as Canadian farmers in general to work off the farm.
The Internet has given us, job seekers, immense opportunities, saving a great deal of time and effort for job applications. You can simply query the search engine and find what jobs are currently available on the open market or are in demand. This is why they have resorted to the services of specialized job directories, providing jobs for Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon, or British Columbia. Today, with the support of worldwide job directories, we can find jobs in a large number of countries, suitable to our own preferences and demands. You can enter these directories and search for a variety of career opportunities, not to mention get in touch with specialist consultants in the field. And if you’re wondering what sort of jobs in Canada you can find online then take a look at the healthcare job sites links, find out more about possible teaching jobs and why not take into account the job opportunities provided by the government. Though the competition may be rigorous, we still cannot feel anything but grateful to the opportunity of finding jobs online.

But in case, you’re a permanent Canadian resident, you should pay a visit to a few recruitment agencies.
The subsections for jobs in Canada allow you to search for jobs by profession and industry, offering you the best search tools you could ever use. As a student, you can also qualify for the jobs in Canada offered through the Internet, having the opportunity to work as a part-time employee. We live in a modern society where information is transferred in the wink of an eye and it’s also valid for job offers.
This is why you’ll find a job in your field of interest, making sure at the same time that you go for jobs in Canada that are in your city or in nearby areas.
And if we have talked a little bit about jobs in Canada, let us see what we can debate about jobs in UK. Starting with nannies, construction, education, engineering, healthcare, catering and ending with IT, finances, marketing or publication, you can find all the jobs in UK you want if you just have the patience to browse a comprehensive and accurate global job directory.
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