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These recent changes in unemployment rates have narrowed the gap between the two countries. Because employment recovered at a snail's pace after the recession of the early 1990s, the decline in the unemployment rate was delayed until 1994. This country lost nearly 46,000 jobs in December, with the bulk of the losses being seen in Ontario and Alberta according to the latest report from Statistics Canada.
British Columbia gained 13,000 jobs last month bringing the provinces unemployment rate to 6.6%.
While somewhat less confident in our economic forecasting following December’s surprise job losses, Workopolis is still predicting slow and steady growth in employment over the coming months.
Young people have always been more prone to higher unemployment rates than older, more experienced workers, which can lead to frustration and social problems.

But, when we look deeper within Canada, significant regional differences were evident in 2010.
1- Includes Sunshine Coast and Squamish 2- Includes Golden, Columbia-Shuswap A, Penticton, and Vernon 3- Includes Powell River Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey.
In general, Canadian youth are faring better than in many other industrial countries, yet they are still facing higher unemployment rates than adults over 25. However, strong employment growth from 1997 to 2000 did much to drive down the unemployment rate. These employment setbacks come as a surprise to most economists who had predicted that the modest growth seen over the past few months to continue into the New Year. Recent international events, like the riots in the United Kingdom, have brought the issue of high youth unemployment rates to the forefront of public attention.

The peak in the unemployment rate in the recession of the early 1990s was slightly lower, 11.4%, in 1993.
However there were also fewer people looking for work in that province, so the unemployment rate remained at 4.8%. While the situation in Canada is currently much better than many OECD countries, we need to pay attention to the long-term implications of our unemployment gap and to what might happen if it were to grow if our economy continues to waver.

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