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Remember it is your profile will be the first thing seen by the on line recruiters, so give it your best. Start adding other individual professionals to your network whom you know on a professional basis. It is all about showing off to the potential employer that you have certain skill sets and have earned the respect and appreciation of people in your circle. LinkedIn has a dedicated jobs section where the Recruitment Consultants Employers post vacancies to find the ideal candidate. Punch in right key words; refine the search by clicking or not clicking on the options to find the right jobs advertised on LinkedIn at that particular point of time. Did you know that you can refine the job search by Location (Country, City, Postal Code), Company, Salary, Job Function, Industry, Experience Level etc. After you find the job(s) of your choice, then study the Job Description thoroughly, if you meet with the requirements of the advertiser then apply online ( or on company’s website). When you meet in real life, use the opportunity to give them your business card which has a link to your LinkedIn profile.

It is worth knowing LinkedIn’s features better and that this social network as has a surprising number of tools to help you in your job search. If you are new (or using the basic version) you can connect with only those people whom you know or who accept your invitation. Therefore, work on soliciting the recommendations and endorsements who really know you they have the excellent online credentials themselves. Leverage it to your advantage by keeping your connections about your professional work, voluntary work, skills building or networking activities. Join them and actively participate on those groups’ discussions, be active on the forum discussions, post some useful information or article and also answer some questions if you think you have the right answer. Click on the Jobs tab at the top of the homepage and you’ll be taken to a keyword search box as well as a list of suggested vacancies based on what your profile says. Being a beginner, spend a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the system and the options available to a job seeker. These could be the companies you’d like to work for or which give good updates about the industry you are in.

This will help them to know about you in detail and you can also add them back in your connections – building up your network. Therefore, it is worth spending a few minutes to go through this crisp and helpful article to know Ways and Steps Linkedin can help you find a job.
This will help you get the information about the expansion plans or business strategies about these companies.
Whereas this is a creative way in your job search, also showing your enthusiasm and commitment to your line work.

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