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As a social media presence becomes more important for businesses and professionals, you may be wondering how to find a link between your standard business card and the social media profiles you have spent so much time cultivating. Here are three ways to add your social media profiles to your business card, and show people where to find you online. The most simple and straight-forward way to direct people to your social profiles is to print the actual links on your card.
If you have several social media profiles, you may want to choose one or two to focus on, or use your website as a central hub where people can find links to all of your profiles.
Simply adding icons of each social network will save space, and if your username on each network is the same (or very similar), this may be enough to help people find you online. This may be the best strategy if you don’t want to focus heavily on a particular network, or if your customer-base is widely spread across the social web. A QR code could be used to display your profile or your (mobile-optimised) website with links to all of your online profiles.
Each of these strategies will show people that you are active online, and interested in engaging with them through social media. Giving an exact URL removes (or greatly reduces) the chance that people will have trouble finding you online, and is a good tactic if you only have one or two profiles to highlight on your business card.

If you have space for a QR code, and if you want to particularly highlight one social profile over others, this may be worth trying. It could also contain a vCard of your contact information, including your social media profiles, allowing the person scanning it to save your details directly into their phone. The way you choose to display your social profiles on your business card will depend on your audience, and your online presence. But, creating a card with all the necessary information without creating clutter and unprofessional appearance can be very difficult. Name and TitleMystery business cards without any name on them will not be interesting to anybody and will generally end up in trash cans.
The title line can include information regarding your designation in your organization, your skills, and a concise description of the services offered by your company.
Contact Information with Social Media Profile Links:A business card must have some information for people to easily contact you. Include all the general contact information like mobile phone numbers, office phone numbers, Email ids, website of your organization, URLs of you organization’s social network pages, etc. Both traditional and modern methods of contact like LinkedIn and Twitter profiles should be included in your business cards.The contact details that you add to your business card can vary from situation to situation.

These are quick response codes which can also encompass a business card holding personal contact information containing social media profiles. Physical Address:The physical address of your office and the mailing address are both very important parts of a business card. Small business organizations without any logos can use generic images or custom illustrations that show what the company does. Simple graphic embellishments or boxes on the business card are helpful to separate blocks of information.Boom Social personal business card with logo on both sides. White Space:You can add as much information regarding you and your organization on your business card as you want. Some free white space in the card will make the information on your card look more clear and legible.

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